Confederate Flag

June 25, 2015

by MaryLee Thompson-Saban

Perpetual Copyright 2015

There are several points in history that people are completely ignoring. First, Blacks were not the only slaves as there were Whites, Europeans, Moroccans, and Indians (American). Second, there were Black slave owners. Third, the Blacks who were kidnapped in Africa and brought here on the slave ships were sold to the slave traders by African Blacks who had kidnapped them from neighboring or warring tribes.

Slavery has existed probably from the beginning of the fall of mankind, and still exists today all over the world, including the some 80,000 plus Americans, both male and female, adult and child, who go missing every year and are sold into the sex trade industry.


The Confederate flag represented a design chosen by the southern states when they chose to secede from the union over the issue of states rights, not over the issue of slavery. By calling for the eradication of the flag and anything pertaining to it is the same as changing history. We should be honoring our history and the fact that our nation did emancipate the slaves, overcame a rebellion and grew stronger.

You simply DO NOT eradicate and/or rewrite history.  You leave it all in the open, you discuss and you learn from it.  Otherwise, you are doomed to relive it somewhere down the road.


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