Let Go and Let God Do It


Not too long ago someone asked me why her prayers were not being answered.  She had always prayed, but rarely had her prayers been answered.  She seemed to be on the brink of losing faith, of losing her belief that there is a God.

My answer to her shocked her.  I simply said perhaps you are telling God how to answer your prayers and are expecting what you ask for.  God knows truly what you need, and He will not do what you ask Him to do if it goes against that.  After a long discussion with her, she had to admit that from the time she was a little girl she always was asking for 'things', or for solutions for her without considering others involved.  Later, she wrote me and said that God in fact had been taken care of her - she had a loving husband, good children, a decent job although not the higher paying one she had prayed for.  The family was surviving the recession intact.  She told me thank you.

Years ago an elderly and dear friend of mine gave me two pieces of advice about prayer:  1)  Don't try to tell God how to accomplish your prayer - He knows much better than you how to go about it, and 2) If you ask God for help, be prepared for the help He gives you as it may not be what you expected.

We must remember also when we say a prayer that involves several people.  God loves each and every one of them.  He has plans for each and every one of them.  Not all plans may mesh at first with yours.  Give Him time to work his Love.  Let Go and Let God Do It.

MaryLee Thompson-Saban

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Last updated 01/08/2014

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