Immigration Crisis in America with the Children

by MaryLee Thompson-Saban

Perpetual Copyright 2014

July 19, 2014

Forget your politics for a moment, and just think of the implications this crisis is causing. First you have the financial costs borne by the federal government (taxpayers) to transport and temporarily house them, sort them, and then transport to points in the states. Second, one of the immigration shields in our legal immigration system is the medical background to insure no one brings with them third world diseases. When you bypass that, you open up the risk of an influx of disease. Whistle blowers from the camps have already talked about the rampant disease, only amplified by the crowded housing. Third, once transported to a state, in whatever facility they can find, the state and local communities will be saddled with the schooling of non-English speaking children, and ultimately the welfare of the children. The cost of all this will be primarily borne by state and local taxpayers, with more from federal taxpayers. We have all seen the ads looking for foster families, with the government paying per foster child, paid for by taxpayers. Who will oversee the foster homes? Child Protective Services (or whatever it is called in your state) is already stretched beyond capacity and cannot handle the current number of American children in the system. How can we expect the system to provide quality oversight on an expanded foster population when it is already taxed and broken?

These children break my heart. They are being used as pawns by governments, from their own to ours and all countries in between. They are children of God, they should be loved, fed, clothed and housed by families who love them or their own countries who should care about their welfare. When the Cuban boat children were brought here in the 1960s, it was a lot more organized. Churches stepped up and were allowed, encouraged to help them. Most were housed in Catholic orphanages at least where I lived and did attend public school, until families or sponsors were located. I do not know the percentages, but most became US citizens and a viable part of their communities. It was a combined effort, the children were supervised and medically checked out. And helping hands were not slapped down.

Today, these children are hidden away, sequestered from sight. I know churches who have been able to send food but are not allowed to go near or see the children. And reports are coming out of who is traveling with the children across the border, as we are finding prayer rugs along their trails. Whistle blowers have talked about tattooed cartel members mingling with the children to get in. This whole problem happened because of a failed immigration system of ours which has failed to close and control our border. The reason is that the government, from President down through both parts of Congress, have been too busy playing politics and bickering over amnesty for the millions already here. All the while, that number is growing daily. Our Border Patrol is no longer allowed to be properly armed, while they are being shot and killed Our government sold firearms and other weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, only to have them used on our BP, and our citizens. Until our people stand up to Washington and say enough is enough, our economy and our whole way of life will continue to deteriorate. And unfortunately, a sad by product is that there is distrust and hatred fermenting toward immigrants. Immigrants built this country, but they were following the laws and did not pose a threat. Is this really how we want to live now?

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