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ALLEN 1890-1898 Charles Wright
ANDERSON 1885-1900 Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
BARNES 1995-1910 Joanne Boudreau
BARNEY 1890-1941 Bob Dennis
BJORNSEN 1885-pres Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
BLELE/BLILIE 1880-1980 Linda Lary Walls
BOETTCHER late 1800's to pres Jayne
BRADSTREET   Judy Murray
COOLEY 1891-1910 Bill Cooley
CRONE   Shirley Crone
CROOKS ? to 1950 Naomi Sessions
CRAIG 1895 to pres Wayne R. Davy
DARNELL 1879 Margaret Christensen
DAVY 1895 to pres Wayne R. Davy
EDWARDS 1890 to pres Liz Farley
ELLIOTT   W. Keith Sankey
FORAN 1899 - 1906?
FREDERICKSEN 1885-1940 Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
FUHRER 1890-pres Luann
GARDNER 1900- Linda Lary Walls
GRAY d 1918 Wanda Heller
GRAY   Frank Hotaling
GREEN 1897-1930s Charles Wright
HARRIS   W. Keith Sankey
HARRISON   Judy Murray
HEMROD 1890-1941 Bob Dennis
HIMES 1900-1920? Marianne Brandt
HISEROTE/HISERODT/HISEROYT mid 1800's? to pres Liz Farley
HOTALING   Frank Hotaling
HULL to 1950 Naomi Sessions
KEELER   W. Keith Sankey
KORTH late 1800's to pres Jayne
LESLIE 1880s to 1903 Lorraine Leslie Besmer
LUDEMAN 1876 - pres Marva Ludemann
MACGINITIE 1890 past 1910 Bill Cooley
MARCELLUS 1900 - pres James Rohwer
MILLER to 1950 Naomi Sessions
NELSON 1885 to 1940 Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
PASSIEUX 1900 to present James Rohwer
PAYTON   Shirley Crone
ROSS to 1950 Naomi Sessions
RUST 1880-? Todd Gehring
SALMEN late 1800's on Laura Andrews
SELLERS 1880-? Todd Gehring
SMITH   Lisa Vickman
SPENCER 1879 Margaret Christensen
SPRENKLE 1880 - 1944 Paul
STACKS 1885-1920 Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
STOCKWELL 1880 - 1920s Sharlene
TINSLEY 1899 to present Bea Mansfield
WACHTER 1896 James Rohwer
WADSWORTH late 1800's-early 1900's Linda Lary Walls
WEACHTER 1896 to present James Rohwer
WENTZ 1890s to pres. Ellen
WEICKUM 1890s to pres. Ellen
WRIGHT 1880-? Todd Gehring
WRIGHT 1879-pres Charles Wright
WUNDERLICH 1885-1940 Rachel A. Nelson-Gujral
YENGLIN 1900 to pres. Marvin Yenglin
ZACH 1900 to pres. James Rohwer

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