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ACKERMAN   Mary Ackerman-Lang
ALLMINDINGER   Lawrence Clay
ARTHUR 1904 Carole Tucker
AVIS 1889 Stacy J. Morehead
BABCOCK   Donna Turner
BAILEY mid 1800's Charlotte Wineinger
BALMER 1850 pres-
BENNETT 1885 Ellen C. Mitchell
BOSLE   Gordon Miller
BUNNEL 1895 - 1899 LaVerda Butler
BURRIS   Mary Burris Myers
BUSICK 1928 Carla Porath
CALDER 1880s Gwen McDowell
CANNON 1880-pres Dick Cannon
CECH   Sandra Breitkreutz
CHESLEY   Sue Walker
CHRISMAN 1881- 1900 Dennis Kroll
CHRISTENSEN 1870-1920 Rhonda Burton Barry
CLAY   Lawrence Clay
DAHMERS   Maggie
DAILY 1889 - 1940 Donna Duwe
DANNELS 1900 Audrey Staples
DAVIS 1899 to pres
DODGE 1900 Gina Patterson
DURHAM 1800's Paul A. Roth
EDMUNDS 1900- abt 1926 Diana Church
EIGHMY   1885 Laurel Paulson Pierce
ELLIS   Maggie
ESCH 1910s to present James McDermott
EUBANK 1879 Paul Roth
EVANSON 1884 - James Vleck
FARRELL mid 1880's Vicky L. Williams Winfield 
FITZGARRALD 1820-1850 ? Charlene Hanson
FORTIK 1990+
FOSTER 1900 - 1930 Gary Jackson
FREDLING 1850 - pres
FULLER 1863 - Robert Fuller
GARNISS 1881 to pres
GATES   Dennis Kroll
GOTTWALD 1888-1920 Larry Hakel
GRAF 1885-Pres Linda Houser
GRIFFITH 1880 to pres
HAKEL 1888 to 1920 Larry Hakel
HALL   Sue Walker
HARGER 1880-1892 Harvey D. Harger
HAUCK   Gordon Miller
HEADLEY   Lawrence Clay
HELMUTH approx 1884 Judy Morrison
HOSTRUP 1880s to 1934 Barbara Paller
HOUSE mid 1880's Vicky L. Williams Winfield     
HOUSKA   Sandra Breitkreutz
HOVEL   Sandra Breitkreutz
HUTT 1887 Stacy J. Morehead
INGHAM   Pat Wilson Scott
JACKSON 1900- 1930 Gary Jackson
JANESOFSKY   Sandra Breitkreutz
JOHNSON, Dwight Edgar 1849 - 1929 Dennis Kroll
JONES early 1900's - pres Vicky L. Williams Winfield     
KENNEDY 1883 - 1900 Dennis Kroll
KESLER 1897 to 1925 Charlene Hanson
KIBORZ   Gordon Miller
KLEIN   Judy Morrison
KLEIN   Ron Klein
KOGER   Pat Wilson Scott
KRALL   Sandra Breitkreutz
KROLL 1883-1898 Dennis Kroll
KUKLIS(H)   Sandra Breitkreutz
LANDRETH   Lawrence Clay
LASH   Karen Borton
LEONARD   Donna Turner
LEWIN 1890 to present Ellen Lewin
LOPTIN   Maggie
MALLETT   Julia Swanson
MANNING 1886 Frank Manning
MARRS 1886 Sandra Sanchez
MARTHS   Maggie
MARY   Judy Morrison
MATTLEY early 1900's Vicky L. Williams Winfield      
MAY 1917-pres Linda Houser
McCLELLAN 1887 to pres Kay McConkey
McCLELLAN   Jayme Anderson
McCREARY 1885 to 1950 Charlene Hanson
McCULLUGH 1890-pres Linda Houser
McDANIEL 1928 Carla Porath
McDERMOTT 1880's to 1960's James McDermott
McKENZIE after 1925 Judy McKenzie Richardson
McNALLY 1890 - 1909 Kay McConkey
MEEKER 1880 to 1949 Garry Meeeker
MEYER 1880s to 1934 Barbara Paller
MILLER   Gordon Miller
MILO 1883-1898 Dennis Kroll
MOODY   Robert Fuller
NECAS   Sandra Breitkreutz
NEKUDA   Sandra Breitkreutz
NETH   Linda Houser
NEWMAN 1890 Sandra Sanchez
NEWTON 1887 Ellen C. Mitchell
OLIVA   Sandra Breitkreutz
OLSON 1890-1900 Dennis Kroll
OUTZEN 1880s to 1934 Barbara Paller
PATRICK after 1881 Judy McKenzie Richardson
PEARSON   Jayme Anderson
PENNINGTON   Sandra Tyler Duncan
PETERS 1880's - 1940 Donna Duwe
POKORNY   Sandra Breitkreutz
POOR 1914-2000 Dennis Kroll
POPP 1880 Laurel Paulson Pierce
POTTS 1900 Gina Patterson
PRESCOTT 1880 Rodney Prescott
PRETTYMAN   Lawrence Clay
PURCELL, Ella E. H. Maxwell 1863-1897 Dennis Kroll
RANGE 1883 - 1900 Dennis Kroll
RANSLEY   Lawrence Clay
REYNER 1883-1900 Dennis Kroll
RHOADES 1830 - 1918 Jackie J. Rhoades
RHODES after 1881 Judy McKenzie Richardson
RICHARDSON   Jayme Anderson
ROBERTSON 1880 Rodney Prescott
ROHDE 1888+
ROTH 1879 - 1959 Paul Roth
ROYCE/ROYSE   Dennis Kroll
RUGGS   Maggie
RUSSOM 1914-2000 Dennis Kroll
SAARLOOS 1921 to 1930 Sheri Cox
SARGENT 1887 - James Vleck
SCHMIDT 1880s to present James McDermott
SCHMITT c. 1850 to 1920 Sheri Cox
SCHNEIDER 1884 Judy Morrison
SCHOMAN 1880-1890
SEARS   Fred Sears
SEARS   Judy Sears Collins
SEDLACEK   Fred Sears
SHEA   Judy Morrison
SHEARER   Lawrence Clay
SHOMAN 1880+
SHULTZ 1880 Rodney Prescott
SIERKS   Robert Fuller
SMITH 1911 to ? Dennis Smith
STAAB 1907-1920 Faye Staab McLeland
SWEN/SVENSSON pre-1880 to pres Laurel Paulson-Pierce,
TALBOT 1880-1953 Dennis Kroll
TROMBLY   Cindy Dambach
TUCKER   Carole Tucker
VICTOR 1889 - 1940 Donna Duwe
VOGT 1910s to 1940's James McDermott
WAGONER 1870-1920 Rhonda Burton Barry
WALKER   Sue Walker
WALTERMIRE   Jayme Anderson
WALTERS 1939 - 2000 Dennis Kroll
WEESNE 1908-2000 Dennis Kroll
WESSELS   Jayme Anderson
WHALEY 1902 Charlene Hanson
WILLIAMS early 1900's Vicky L. Williams Winfield      
WILSON 1887 Pat Wilson Scott
WIRSCHING   Judy Morrison
WOODS   Cindy Dambach
WOOTER (S) early 1900's Vicky L. Williams Winfield     
WORLEY 1900 - 2000 Dennis Kroll
WRASSE 1870 to pres Johanna Hoffman Pipkin
WRIGHT   Karen Borton
ZOHNER 1892 to 1917 Larry Hakel

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