Grand Island, Nebraska

Owned by J. H. and Mabel Wilson


September 9, 1914

Mr. Hill Adair

Mr. J. W. Davis

Mr. David Deroin

Mr. W. J. Ferris

Mr. McEntire

M. E. E. McFarland

184 R St., Lincoln

Mr. John McMullen

Mrs. Emma Miller

Mr. S. G. Morairty

Mr. F. M. Reed

Mr. James Rooney

Mr. J. V. Sadler

Mr. C. E. Sullivan

Mr. Harry Syphond

Mr. Mark Williams

NOTE: We have no other information on these people. The names were found among some of records in the Wilson family, and we are sharing with you in the hopes it might help you locate where an ancestor of yours might have been.

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