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ABBOTT   Robert Lamason nosamall@AOL.COM
BAKER 1890s to 1900 Cecil Peloquin
BORDEN 1882 to c. 1955 Donald W. Borden
BRADLEY 1880s Sandy Dempsey
COLEMAN 1880s Sandy Dempsey
COUGHLIN 1880 - 1900 Dennis
CRAWFORD arrived 1901 Rhonda
CROOKS to 1900
DARNELL     1900 to 1930 Margaret Christensen
DAVIS 1880s Jerry Walsh
DEMPSEY 1900s Sandy Dempsey
DRESSLER 1880 - 1910 Dennis
ELLIOTT 1885-1889 W. Keith Sankey
HAGEMANN 1890s Deborah
HANSEN 1886 Elaine Menter Smith
HARRIS 1885-1889 W. Keith Sankey
HARRIS late 1800s camplus
HULL to 1900
KEELER 1885-1889 W. Keith Sankey
LADD 1880 David Ladd
LADD there in 1910 Gayle
LAMASON 1889 Robert Lamason  nosamall@AOL.COM
McDANIELS   Maggie Shrull
MCQUISTAN 1900-1920 Kelley Badgerow
MENTER 1905 Elaine Menter Smith
MILLER to 1900
MYLNAR/MLINAR 1880s Jerry Walsh
OHMART 1904 Rhonda
RASMUSSEN 1886 Elaine Menter Smith
REITZ 1900 Gail  Ferris
ROOT 1880s Sandy Dempsey
ROSS to 1900
SHOLES 1900s Sandy Dempsey
SIMMONS 1900s Sandy Dempsey
SKELTON   Robert Lamason nosamall@AOL.COM
SLAYMAKER 1880s Jerry Walsh
SMALLEY   Lisa Smalley
SMITH 1900
SPRENKLE 1870-1890 Paul Sprenkle
THOMPSON   Keith Thompson
VERZAL 1890s Deborah
WHISLER/WISSLER   Robert Lamason nosamall@AOL.COM

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