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ANDERSEN 1896 Bodil og Gert Bach Nielsen bodil_bach@privat.dk
ARNOLD   Janet Garland kangaroomail@iprimus.com.au
BECKSTEIN   Shelley Webster beanie1webster@btinternet.com
BOYE 1900 JRiessen@aol.com
BUCKENDAHL   1870 Barbara Hanshew Schulz bhanshew@aol.com
COLLINS   Shelley Webster beanie1webster@btinternet.com
FOSTER 1886 Sandi Bush obhs@innercite.com
HOHENSTEIN   Janet Garland kangaroomail@iprimus.com.au
HORSTMAN 1880 JRiessen@aol.com
JOHNSON   Shelley Webster beanie1webster@btinternet.com
KIEPKE 1880 Barbara Hanshew Schulz bhanshew@aol.com
KNUDSEN 1888 Bodil og Gert Bach Nielsen bodil_bach@privat.dk
MANSKE   1868 Barbara Hanshew Schulz bhanshew@aol.com
MARHT 1900 JRiessen@aol.com
REED 1900 JRiessen@aol.com
RIESSEN 1910 JRiessen@aol.com
ROBERTSON   Shelley Webster beanie1webster@btinternet.com
SCHULZ 1873 Barbara Hanshew Schulz bhanshew@aol.com
SCHULZ 1875 Barbara Hanshew Schulz bhanshew@aol.com
WADDELL 1910 RJayW2@aol.com
WEBSTER   Shelley Webster beanie1webster@btinternet.com

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