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ALUMBAUGH   Yvonne Mosier Strong
BARKER 1829 to pres? Shirley Sturgill ssturgil@webtv
BARKER   Yvonne Mosier Strong
BARNES   Patricia R. Price Flemming
BENNETT   Juanita
BERNHARDT   Charlene Spaulding
BOATMAN   Yvonne Mosier Strong
BOATMAN   Jim Ray jray@neonramp.comb
BOWERS   Dan Bowers
BRIGHT   Mary Charles Dodd Hull
BRIMM   Turk Quathamer
BROWN 1845-1890 Priscilla Schraudner
BURNWORTH   John Minnick
CAMPBELL   Yvonne Mosier Strong
CARTER   Evalyn Howard Ferguson
CASEY/CACY   Elaine Allen
COBERT 1864 on Kathy Scott
CONSTANTINE   Linda & Kenneth Stineff
CROFFORD 1850 to pres Barb Howell
CUNNINGHAM 1870 - 1984 Susan Murphy
CURTIS   Karin Lange
DAY 1850 to pres? Charlene Spaulding
DETTMAN   Dave & Denise Ferguson
DIXSON   Karmen Vice Nava
FARSON   Karmen Vice Nava
FERGUS   Jim Fergus
FOUTCH   Karin Lange
FUTSCHER   Nancy Futscher
GILBERT   Karin Lange
GILES 1860s-1870s Sharon Yelton
GODFIRNON 1842 to pres? Charlene Spaulding
HARRISON   Naomi Kniffin
HARVEY 1875 - 1890 Denise Rollins
HEATER   Charlene Spaulding
HENSELY 1880 John Williams -
HENSLEY 1829 to pres? Shirley Sturgill ssturgil@webtv
HILL   Naomi Kniffin
HOLLEBAUGH (d'HOLBACH)   Candace d'Holbach
HOPPE 1864 on Kathy Scott
HUNSICKER   Jack Massalsky
JARRETT   Dave & Denise Ferguson
JORN   Naomi Kniffin
KESSINGER   Yvonne Mosier Strong
KING   Juanita
KITT 1860 - 1902 Susan Murphy
LAMB   Sharon Yelton
LANNING c 1898 Carolyn LeBlanc
LAW 1880 to bef 1900 Margo Lurvey
LYTLE/LITLE late 1800s Elayne Howell
MARRS   Karmen Vice Nava
MARSH 1859 Jim Ray jray@neonramp.comb
MARTS   Karin Lange
MASSALSKY   Jack Massalsky
McCUMBER 1893+
McGINNIS 1860 Carolyn LeBlanc
McWILLIAMS   Patricia R. Price Flemming
MEUSSLEMAN   Candace d'Holbach
MILLER   Patricia R. Price Flemming
MILLSAP   Yvonne Mosier Strong
MINNICK   John Minnick
MOORE   Naomi Kniffin
MOORE   Charlene Spaulding
MOSIER   Yvonne Mosier Strong
MOSIER 1926-1927 Mary Lee Mosier - aka Marilyn Kuster
NOA   Naomi Kniffin
NOYES 1872 to pres? Nancy Futscher
OBRYAN 1850 to pres? Charlene Spaulding
ODELL   Keith Winkelman
ORR   Dave & Denise Ferguson
PAUL   Naomi Kniffin
PERRY   Charlene Spaulding
PLANT/PLANTE 1853-1910 Susan Murphy
POTEET 1845 - Ben E. Denison
RIESCHIK 1858 - ? Jack Massalsky
ROBIDOUX   Mrs Walker
ROSS c 1860 Carolyn LeBlanc
RUTHERFORD 1860s-1870s Sharon Yelton
SAAL 1872 to pres? Nancy Futscher
SAELENS 1838 to pres? Charlene Spaulding
SAYLOR 1850 to pres Barb Howell
SCHULER 1864 on Kathy Scott
SNIDER 1871 - 1890 Denise Rollins
SPAULDING 1850 to pres? Charlene Spaulding
SPEERS 1872 to pres? Nancy Futscher
STANDERFORD 1876 to pres
STEPHENS   Evalyn Howard Ferguson
STEWART   Karin Lange
STILES   Charlene Spaulding
STILES 1885 to 1900 Denise Rollins
STOCK 1864 on Kathy Scott
STORY   Mrs Walker
TAYLOR   Yvonne Mosier Strong
THOMAS   Karin Lange
THOMAS late 1800s Elayne Howell
TURNER   Jan Simmons 
VANAUSDOLL   Charlene Spaulding
VEACH   Karin Lange
VICE   Karmen Vice Nava
WARD   Karin Lange
WEBB 1875 - ? Marilyn Webb Giese
WEICK   Linda & Kenneth Stineff
WELCH   Charlene Spaulding
WELLS ? Carolyn LeBlanc
WILLIAMS 1875 Bob Williams
ZUMBRUN 1850 to pres Barb Howell

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