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1890 - 1891


A post office in the extreme northwestern part of Sheridan County, 10 miles north of Bordeaux, the nearest railway station, which is on the F. E. & M V. R. R.

Roby & Conn, genl mdse.

Roby, S F, postmaster


A small country post office in the extreme northern part of Sheridan County, just east of the Sioux Indian Reservation.

Dorton, John, Postmaster


A post office in the northern part of Sheridan County. Population, 50.

Damon S W, Justice

McIntyre W D, genl mdse, postmaster

Myters E B, Justice

Post L, agl implts.

Truax W A, blacksmith.


A station and post office on the Newcastle branch of the B & M R R in the southeastern part of Sheridan County, 26 miles east of Alliance. Population, 20.

Goldsmith J S, justice.

Wood N S, postmaste.


A flag station on the F E & M V R R, in the northeastern part of Sheridan County, seven miles from Rushville, the county seat. Population, 20.

Armstrong T A, postmaster.

Armstrong T A & Co, genl mdse.

Jacobs J W, justice.

Love, A J, hardware.

Moss, Noah, justice.


A side track on the Newcastle, Wyo branch of the B & M R R, in the southern part of Sheridan County, 31 miles from Alliance.


Situated in the eastern part of Sheridan County, on the line of the F E & M V R R, 47 miles east of Chadron, and 90 miles west of Valentine, has a population of 550. The soil, although sandy at some points, is on the whole of excellent quality, producing immense quantities of grain. The farmers are attentive and intelligent, making a good class of people. The financial concerns of this district, located at Gordon, are the Maverick Bank, Thomas M. Huntington cashier, and the Sheridan County Bank, G. W. Seeley cashier, are carefully managed and meet all the wants of the people. A fine Catholic church, city hall, several stores and private dwellings have been built within the past year. The Roller Mill, Ny and Schneider Co., Elcelsior Lumber Co., and Farmers Lumber Co., do a large business here. The Gordon and Commercial are the two hostelries here. The press is represented by the Gordon Republican, a well-edited sheet. The churches are Methodist, Catholic, Christian and Baptist, also a well graded school, several secret organizations are well represented. The princiapl shipments are grain and livestock.

Barker R E, clothing.

Barto J M, livestock

Baumgardner Wm, boots, shoes

Beeley John, genl mdse

Black and Hogue, livery

Buckminster J & Co, restaurant

Burwell Amos, sta, tel and ex agt.

Commercial Hotel, M Morrisey prop.

Connell J Ed, justice.

Dean L, genl mdse.

Dobbins Charles, blacksmith.

Excelsior Lumber Co, R Case mgr.

Farmers Lumber Yard, J H Flock mgr.

Flock G W, phys.

Gordon Republican, L Jones prop.

Gordon Roller Mills, L W Steele prop.

Havener Bros, blacksmiths.

Hoffman C E, drugs.

Hogue Wm, postmaster.

Howell Bros, harness.

Huntington Thomas M, cashier the Maverick Bank

Hyde A L, jeweler.

Joyce J W, genl mdse.

Jones Lauren, prop Gordon Republican.

Jordan J O, blacksmith.

King and Schultz, real estate.

Ladd S H, atty at law.

Lawson P W C, barber.

Linn J M, county supt.

Marker M A Mrs, millinery.

Maverick Bank (The), Thomas M Huntington cashier.

Mills W L & Co, genl mdse.

Morrisey M, prop Commercial Hotel.

Nelson, P A, agl implts.

Nicholson John, dentist.

Nye and Schneider Co, lumber, livestock, G A dierk mgr.

Ramsey W T, barber.

Rorke J R, Saloon.

Rye Henry, meat market.

Schlandt C A, hardware, furniture.

Schmitt Louis, genl mdse.

Sharkey & Seamahorn, groceries.

Shattuck & Holmes, hardware, agl implts.

Sheridan County Bank, J W Thomas pres, Geo W Seeley cashier.

Slocum A J, contractor and builder.

Swigert, Herbert & Co, livery.

Swigert M, prop Gordon Hotel.

Traub W G, blacksmith.

Waterman E A, drugs.


A newly established post office in Sheridan County.


One of the most picturesque, prosperous and progressive communities in the western part of Sheridan County, 12 miles west of Rushville, the county seat, has a population of 700 inhabitants on the F E & M V R R. It is a town where a man of limited means can embark in business on a moderate scale without the fear of monopolistic power crowding him to bankruptcy, where real estate values steadily increase, without the interference of a speculative fever, where the rich and poor are alike, industrious, and equally reverence the nobility of labor. Hay Springs, although only five years old, is incorporated, and her streets are fringed with all the finery of the forest, the work of mans planting and of natures nourishing. The farmers are thrifty and intelligent, this doing much to enhance the commercial value of the town. Business men are wide awake and fully alive to every interest of the place, and by these means a mutuality is established and the place grows. The Bank of Hay Springs is an institution which by common consent exerts a more vital influence upon the trade reputation and prosperity of Hay Springs than any other single agency within its borders. It has made marches to success and has the good will of the community at large. G. H. Rhodes the cashier, is an expert in all the departments of banking, becomingly conservative, always accomodating and popular with all who know him. The Farmers and Merchants Bank is a solid institution and does a good business. A large flouring mill, brick and lumber yards, elevator, good hotels, schools and churches, and almost every line of business is represented here, mostly occupying fine store houses. The press is represented by the Review and the Northwest News, which are alert with the times and enjoying a large patronage; also several secret societies having a long list of members. The future of Hay Springs is as well assured as any town between New York and Chadron.

Aldbrecht J D, prof Merchants Hotel.

Bank of Hay Springs, W L May pres, G H Rhodes Cashier.

Bottenberg Herbert, mgr The News Publishing Co.

Bowman L W, phys.

Bowman M E Mrs, millinery

Bristol N S Co, genl mdse

Burrows D J, agl implts.

Byson F E, drugs.

Carroll P F, agl implts.

Case A J, soloon.

Case Bros, meat market.

Casselman & Morrison, real estate.

City Hotel, Mrs. L Moore prop.

Companiott E F, attorney at law, notary public.

Dewey Sol, hardware.

Diffenbacher Benj F, real estate.

Excelsior Lumber Co, R Reed mgr.

Farmers and Merchants Bank, D T Taylor, cashier.

Ferrel & Nelson, carpenters.

Gearheart Theo J, barber.

Glass J Dr, drugs.

Grosman Ernest, blacksmith.

Hall, Frank, drayman.

Hand & Walker agl implts.

Harper Henry, pumps, windmills.

Hay Springs Review (The), E E Humphreys editor and prop.

Holden John H, justice of the peace.

Horn J P, livery.

Humphreys E E, editor and prop the Hay Springs Review.

Hyndshaw S C, jeweler, brick mfr.

Johnson J C, genl mdse.

Kayser F O, genl mdse.

Kayser F O Mrs, millinery.

Leese D, furniture, undertaker.

Lister Wm, harness.

McKinney A, genl mdse.

Magee R N, atty.

Maloney E L, sta, tel and ex agt.

May W L, pres Bank of Hay Springs.

Merchants Hotel, J D Aldbrecht prop.

Miner & Edwards, real estate, loans.

Moore L Mrs, prop City Hotel.

News Publishing Co (The), pubs Northwest News.

Northwest News, The News Publishing Co pubs.

Northwestern State Bank, authorized capital $40,000.

Petersen Peter, blacksmith.

Potter W N Co, restaurant, confectionery.

Power J F, postmaster

Reed R, mgr Excelsior Lumber Co.

Rhodes G H, cashier Bank of Hay Springs, real estate loans, ins, notary


Rowland Frank, feed stable.

Sears Thomas, boots, shoes.

Sheffner A N, phys.

Simpson H J, justice.

Simpson, Peters & Co, real estate, livery.

Smith W H, drugs.

Stoudt Jacob, painter.

Taylor D T, cash Farmers & Merchants Bank, loans.

Thomas, Nutt & Bond, prop Hay Springs Roller Mill.

Thompson T J, hardware.

Thurston II, blacksmith.

Toft J (H?), painter.

Townsend & Rhinemuth, clothing.

Vanderpool J T, confectionery.

Waterman & Co, genl mdse.

Waterman J M, phys.

Webster L E, barber

White & Son, agl implts.

Wordon W E, photographer.

Yates, A Hinde, real estate, farm loans, insurance, steamship agt


A newly established post office in Sheridan County.


A town of 100 inhabitants in Sheridan County, located on the G I & W branch of the B & M R R, 24 miles east of Alliance. It is in the center of most excellent grazing lands, surrounded by small streams. It is the trading point of numerous ranchmen.

Cox H, blacksmith.

Hoskins Thomas, real estate.

Painter J H, postmaster, justice.

Simonson Bros, genl mdse.

Williams L N, carpenter.


A post office lately established in Sheridan County


A post office in the extreme western part of Sheridan County, on the Niobrara River, near Pepper Creek.

Merrill H N, genl mdse, postmaster.


A recently established post office in Sheridan County.


A post office in the central part of Sheridan County, 12 miles from Rushville.


A post office and station on the Grand Island & Wyoming branch of the B & M R R in Sheridan County, 16 miles east from Alliance. Population, 50.


A post office in the central part of Sheridan County on the Niobrara River at the junction of Deer Creek about 18 miles from Hay Springs, the county seat (note: this apparently is an error as Rushville was the County Seat.)

Prouty S M, postmaster, flour mill.

Smith Wm, justice.


A post office in Sheridan County.

Marcy S S, postmaster.


Pleasantly situated in the center of Sheridan County, of which it is the county seat, has a population of 800. It is on the line of the F E & M V R R, 32 miles east of Chadron. In the productiveness of its soil, industry and conveniences of civilization, in the opportunities it extends to many seeking profitable employment, and to men of frugality in quest of homes, Rushville and its surroundings are rich indeed. The farming element is prosperous and already approaching a condition of wealth, although the country is comparatively new. The business men are energetic, clear-headed and progressive, and rapidly developing the resources of the surrounding district. All classes of trade are here entered into, grain, general merchandise, banking and other callings, while the professions, schools and churches are fittingly represented. The banks are the Farmers and Merchants Bank, the First National Bank, the Bank of Rushville and the Citizens Bank. These monied institutions are carefully managed, and exert a vital influence upon trade, reputation and prosperity of Rushville. Their officers are conservative, accomodating and popular with all who come in contact with them. Among the industries are a large flouring mill, lumber yards, grain elevator, saw mill, good store houses, a good hotel - the Northwestern, E B Hoyt, proprietor, who is very popular and receives the traveling man and others in a sumptuous manner. The Rushville Standard, published by E L Heath, and the Sheridan County Sun, published by F W Sprague, are both well conducted papers, alive, energetic, and receive a liberal patronage.

Adams John W, livery.

Alexander W M, genl mdse.

Annis Dell, saloon.

Armstrong J G, pres Farmers & Merchants Bank.

Armstrong W D, cashier Farmers & Merchangs Bank.

Bank of Rushville, W L May pres, H A Chamberlin cashier.

Barnes N B, agl implts.

Bele Frank, blacksmith.

Brasee C P, grain.

Brockman August, real estate, loans and insurance.

Brown & Robinson, genl mdse.

Chandler H J, justice.

Citizens Bank, M P Musser & Co., props.

Clark James, flouring mill.

Claybourne A L, carpenter.

Commercial Hotel, E VanBuskirk prop.

Corder J D, carpenter.

Creutz P G, drugs.

Crow Henry W, postmaster.

Culver J Mrs, bakery.

Culver J O, flour and feed.

Cunningham C F, restaurant.

Davis J R C, phys.

Edmunds J H, attorney, notary.

Elmore J Q, phys.

Excelsior Lumber Co, A Fletcher mgr.

Farman O F, drugs.

Farmers & Merchants Bank, J G Armstrong pres, W W Wood, vice-pres,

W D Armstrong, cashier.

Figge George, harness.

First National Bank, J W Thomas pres, G W Wattles vice-pres, W B

McQueen cashier.

Ford W N, blacksmith, wagonmkr.

Franklin & Kleeb, millinery.

Glenn A W, real estate, loans, insurance and notary.

Hamel L C, pumps.

Hardie Wm, blacksmith.

Heath E L, editor and pub The Rushville Standard.

Higgins & Farman, livery.

Hiller & Bayne, barbers.

Hoyt E B, prop Northwestern Hotel, veterinary.

Hoty Harry F, livery.

Hutton J B, hardware, agl implts.

Kleeb L, meat market.

Lowry George, boots and shoes.

Meddaugh James S, photographer.

Meservey O & C H, hardware, agl implts.

Morrow R G, confectionery, justice.

Morse H O, hardware.

Musser M P & Co, props Citizens Bank.

Nichols Mattie Mrs., dressmaking.

Northwestern Hotel, E B Hoyt prop.

O'Kieffe Grant, blacksmith.

Patterson C, atty.

Peck F G, tinsmith.

Porter E M, sta, tel and ex agt.

Preston L D, restaurant, confectionery.

Redlon Thomas L, county atty and notary public.

Richards Wm, wagonmaker.

Rickley C E, Hoyt & co., grain dealers.

Rushville Lumber Co, W Desney mgr.

Rushville Standard (The), E L Heath editor and pub

Seibousek E N, clothing, etc.

Shell Jane A Mrs, millinery.

Shell W M, merchant tailor.

Shephard N H, genl mdse.

Sheridan County Sun, F W Sprague editor and pub.

Smith James, shoemaker.

Sprague F W, editor and prop Sheridan County Sun.

Stowilts I J, agl implts.

Thompson Christ, genl mdse.

Tully C H, saloon.

Van Buskirk E, prop Commercial Hotel.

West J E, receiver Pine Ridge Agency.

Williams S W, jeweler.

Wood C M, agt Globe Invst Co.

Wood Frank, furniture.

Wood W W, vice-pres Farmers & Merchants Bank, atty, notary.

Wynkoop D J Co, attys, notaries.

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