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AGEE 1865 Nina Hollifield
ALBERS 1904-1945 Don M. Albers
BENNETT 1877 - 1998 Dana Bennett
BRANNON   Dennis Greene
CHRISTIANSEN 1889 Alvin Hansen
GILCHRIST 1875-? Bernadette Kerr
GILES 1883 Dana Bennett
GORNY/GORNEY 1884 - 1940 Rene' Webb
GREENE(GREEN) 1872-1927 Dennis Greene
HOUTEKIER 1914 Jan Sabbe
JEFFRIES 1900-1929 Dorothy Jeffres Cashatt
KOSLICKI 1890 - ? Rene' Webb
LEWIN 1890-pres Ellen Lewin
MADISON 1890-1920 Audrey Ulm
MATTLEY 1877-1920s Vicky L Winfield
McLAIN 1900s Vicky L Winfield
MILLER 1888 Alvin Hansen
MOSER 1900s Vicky L Winfield
POTTER   Dennis Greene
ROBINSON 1887? Mary Schumacher
ROSE 1888 Alvin Hansen
SANDERS 1890 Dorothy Jeffres Cashatt
ULM 1890s - 1920s Audrey Ulm
WILDE 1880-1890s Audrey Ulm
WILLIAMS 1900s Vicky L Winfield
WING 1883 - ? Dana Bennett

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