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ALLEN--1855 to present 1855 to present Merri Allen Vinton
ANDERSON 1900s Lou Cook
BOSTON   Melinda K. Green
BOTTORFF 1865 to present Merri Allen Vinton
BOUVIER 1860 to present Merri Allen Vinton
BRADBURY From 1900s Sandee Berger
BREWSTER   Melinda K. Green
BROWN   Judy Brown Rasmussen
CHAPEN   Melinda K. Green
COLE   Carole Jensen Tucker
COURVOISIER 1860 to present Merri Allen Vinton
DIXON   Melinda K. Green
ELLIS 1870 - 1900 Marie
GREEN   Melinda K. Green
GREENO 1800s Chas. A. Metzler
GROTHE   Melinda K. Green
GUSTIN   Melinda K. Green
HARDEN 1900s Lou Cook
HINELINE   Melinda K. Green
LADD from 1900s Sandee Berger
LEWIS 1871 - 1939 Willene Willis
McMANIGAL   Melinda K. Green
McPHERSON 1865 to present Merri Allen Vinton
MELTON   Judy Brown Rasmussen
MELTON     Louise Melton-Breen
METZLER 1800s Chas. A. Metzler     
MOON 1800s Chas. A. Metzler     
MOORE 1800s Chas. A. Metzler     
MURRAY 1875 - 1950 Willene Willis
NIEBUHR   Judy Fee
PEASE from 1900s Sandee Berger
RIDDLE   Judy Brown Rasmussen
ROBINSON   Melinda K. Green
SHEETS   Melinda K. Green
SHIPLEY 1855 on W. Ross Yates
SMITH 1900s Lou Cook
STRICKLETT   Melinda K. Green
TIMM   Judy Fee
VAN VALEN d 1898 Marie
WALTER   Judy Fee
WILD   Melinda K. Green
WRIGHT   Louise Melton-Breen

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