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Born about 1796, probably in the United Kingdom

We have not located his birth record in Middlesex or surrounding areas.  The Harvey surname is common in Wales and in Scotland.  Some other families in the census near him were from Wales.

Married Mary Ann Wilson on November 5, 1826 in St. Andrews, Enfield, Middlesex, England

Source: Have certificate in our files

James Harvey - 'x' is his mark

Mary Ann Wilson - 'x' is her mark

Witnesses: Alexr Young and Ann ???

Mary Ann Wilson


PLEASE NOTE: Parish names changed. Potters Bar had been in Middlesex County in 1841 census, was moved into Hertfordshire by 1851.

1841 Census, South Mimms, Gannie Corner:
HARVEY, James age 35 Ag laborer Born Middlesex, S. Mims

Mary age 35
Samual age 12
Joseph age 1

1851 Census Chipping Barnett Hertfordshire, Potters Bar, Gannie Corner, Hertfordshire, England
HARVEY, James Age 55 Ag laborer Born Middlesex, S. Mims

Mary Age 48 Born Middlesex, S. Mims
Susan Age 6 Born Middlesex, S. Mims
Joseph Age 11 Born Middlesex, S. Mims

Cannot locate James and Mary in 1861 or 1871.  Susan is living with aunt in Chelsea.


1. Samuel John Harvey

2. Mary Ann Harvey

3. Joseph Harvey

4. Frederick Harvey

Date is from England-Wales BMD Index. Am wondering if it was transcribed wrong and should be 1845, since he is not with the family in 1851. Cannot locate him with another family either.

5. Susan Harvey

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