Celtic Knot depicting eternal lifeCeltic Knot depicting eternal life Susan Harvey-Thompson abt 1910 Susan Harvey was born in Gannie Corner, South Mims, now Hertfordshire, England. We know her parents (see below), but cannot find them in Middlesex County birth records.  The Harvey surname is associated with both Scotland and Wales (nearby Harvey names were from Wales) .  The Wilson surname is associated with Scotland and Ireland.


Born June 21, 1844 in Gannie Corner, Potters Bar, South Mims, now Hertfordshire, England


Registration District - Barnet; 1844 Birth in the Sub-district of South Mims in the County Middlesex e Hertford

Cert #BXB 496675

Entry No. 147

When and Where Born: Twenty first of June 1844 at Gannie Corner, South Mims

Name, if any: Susan

Sex: Girl

Name and surname of father - James Harvey

Name, surname and maiden surname of mother - Mary Harvey, formerly Wilson

Occupation of father - laborer

Signature, description and residence of informant: The 'X' mark of Mary Harvey, the mother, Gannie Corner

When registered - Fifteenth of July 1844

Signatore of Registrar - W. Acason (sp?), Registrar

Parents - James Harvey and Mary Ann Wilson

1851 Census Chipping Barnett Hertfordshire, Potters Bar, Gannie Corner, Middlesex, England
HARVEY, James Age 55 Ag laborer Born Middlesex, S. Mims

Mary Age 48 Born Middlesex, S. Mims
Susan Age 6 Born Middlesex, S. Mims
Joseph Age 11 Born Middlesex, S. Mims

1861 Census, Chelsea, St. Luke, Hertforshire, England

HARVEY, Mary         56   born Manchester, Lancashire, England

Mary    dau          17  born Bayswater, Middlesex, England

Susan    niece      17  born South Mimms, Middlesex, England

We have not identified who the aunt is.  We think she was married to a brother of James Harvey or was a sister of Mary Ann Wilson, both marrying Harveys.

See Thomas Thompson Sr's page for later census 

Married July 9, 1865 to Thomas Thompson Sr. in Northend, Cen, Middlesex, England

View copy of Marriage Record

Died November 15, 1929 in Los Angeles, California

(listed on death certificate also is the age as follows: 85 y 4 m 24 d)

Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Colorado - Block 14, Lot 313, Section 8, Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO

Susan Harvey Thompson and son Thomas Thompson Jr. are buried at Crown Hill, across a dirt parth from the section where Thomas Sr is buried. Thomas Thompson Sr is buried in a nearby grave at Crown Hill, along with Thomas Jr.'s wife Anna. Click here to view. NEW

Memorial Stone for Susan Harvey-Thompson

Crown Hill Cemetery, next to son Thomas Jr., and across dirt path from unmarked grave of Thomas Sr. and Anna, wife of Thomas Jr.


For Census Information , see Thomas Thompson Sr.

Photo album for Thomas and Susan Thompson

Photo above taken of Susan and Thomas Harvey Sr. probably around 1920 in Denver probably at 1280 Grant St (no longer there to compare to, son William's home. but we do not know for sure. They were at 1305 Delaware St in the 1920 census. Below are modern photos of the Delaware house and the 180 So. Osceola they lived at in 1910. Neither have the same structural porch etc.   Thomas Sr. died in March 1921.

1305 Delaware St  2005

180 So. Osceola  2005

STATE OF CALIFORNIA # 29-057659 Local # 12219


Standard Certificate of Death

Place of Death - Dist No. 190 County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles

No. 2652 Orchard St.


Sex - female / Color - Cauc/ Widowed

Name of Husband - Thomas Thompson

Date of Birth - June 21, 1844 Age 85 y 4 m 24 d

Occupation - at home

Birthplace - England

Name of Father - Harvey/ Birthplace of Father - England

Maiden name of Mother - Wilson/Birthplace of Mother - England

Length of Residence at place of Death 1 y 6 m/ in Calif - 1 y 6 m

Date of Death - November 15, 1929

Physicians Certification: I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Nov 1, 1929 to Nov 15, 1929; that I last saw her alive on Nov 1 1929 and that death occurred on the date stated above at 4:00 p.m.. The Cause of Death was as follows: Respiratory Failure, contributory - old age. No operation, no autopsy. Based on clinical diagnosis. Signed by Nelson Wyonny?? 11-16-1929, Walnut Park, California

Informant - Wm Thompson, 2652 Orchard St.

Place of Burial Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver on Nov 18, 1929

Undertaker - Roy Klinker, Huntington Park, California License #1240

Registered Nov 18, 1929 by George Parrish, M.D. by F. W. Peterson,

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