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Agnes Templeton Meikle-Thompson  abt 1909
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Born - July 21, 1878 in Erie, (now) Weld County, Colorado

Parents - George Meikle and Agnes Forrest Templeton

Married - July 21, 1897 at Mary Meikle Wright's home in Broomfield, Boulder County, Colorado - to Frederick James Thompson (xerox copy of marriage record in Boulder County in my file)

Died - February 28, 1959 in Venice, Los Angeles County, California (death certificate in my file)

Buried - Section 3, Block 24, Lot 29, Crown Hill Cemetary, Lakewood, Colorado


She was known as Nannie in her family and at school. She attended Erie Public Schools - view the 1893 Erie Grade School Report here.


Prior to her marriage to F.J. Thompson, Agnes (Nannie) Meikle worked as the Assistant Boulder County Assessor in Boulder, Colorado.


Wedding Photo of F. J. and Agnes

File # 22345

Thompson, Frederick J.

Meikle, Agnes


Min - Myron W. Reed


See her father's page for 1880 and 1885. See her husband's page for 1900 through 1930.


When Agnes (Nan) and F.J. began their married life together, they lived on the Thompson ranch, just north of Harris, which is now Westminster, Colorado. They are mentioned in the History of Westminster. Life was good for them, and it must have been exciting times - turn of the new century as well as starting out their lives together. Their firstborn son, Frederick Melvin, was born on March 15, 1899. Life was not kind to them however later on, in many ways.

On September 20, 1902, F.J. was shot by bandits and left for dead. Read a transcription of the various newspaper articles about the shooting. F. J. did survive the shooting, but it was the start of many years of sorrow to follow.

The Meikle clan was a close knit family. Agnes and F.J. had remained close to her family. When F. J. was shot in 1902, Agnes' father George was there to help and her brother Frank worked for them on the ranch.

On March 20, 1904 Agnes' father, George Meikle, passed away. Although a normal course of events in one's life is to lose one's father, it too was another chain link in the sorrow for Agnes to endure. And over the course of the next 16 years, Agnes lost one after another of her loved ones - including her only baby daughter Mary Agnes and, with the greatest sorrow, one of her sons, William James Thompson who died on August 19, 1920. He was the victim of what would turn out to be one of the unsolved murder mysteries of Adams County, Colorado. You can read the newspaper accounts of the tragedy below.

I have written an additional essay on these trying times in their life. Please read about it here - Someday, Somehow, Lassie, Find Out the Truth and Tell Them. Perhaps it will help her family understand her just a bit more. This essay is a result of many years of research as well as a promise I made to Agnes, who was my beloved Grandmother.

Being the youngest grandchild (and probably the spoiled one as some have pointed out), I spent a great deal of time at her house. While it was my other Grandmother (Mabel Tompkins Wilson) who lived with us and instilled penmanship and the English language into me, it was this Grandmother who instilled in me a love for math, history, music, and in general our Scot heritage. She had always played the piano, as well as the guitar. I spent hours as a child listening to her play, gently singing various and asundry songs, both American and Scot.

She spoke with a Scot brogue, even though she was born in Colorado. She also when asked by the right people would speak Gaelic. And she taught me some rudamentary Gaelic, a talent I have almost forgotten. I never questioned the Gaelic, any more than I questioned her love for Robert Burns, the Scot poet. But now, I would like to ask her or her parents a question about the Gaelic - how could the daughter of Scot immigrants from Dalserf and Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland learn the Gaelic? When I finally found her Mother, Agnes Forrest Templeton Meikle, in the 1910 census (listed as Eliza? Michael) it says she spoke GAELIC, not English or Scot. The Gaelic comes from the Highlands. I am gradually picking up some threads to the North, but it may take the remainder of my lifetime to completely figure it out if ever. And she had a tartan throw in that house - a blue/green plaid. And there was a set of bagpipes, in the same blue/green plaid tartan. Since I was only 12 when she died, and therefore only a "child", the rest of the family presumably got her possessions or they were disposed of. I have never found her piano, her guitar, the tartan, the bagpipes or the grotesque mask that hung in her hallway to protect the household from evil spirits.

Her health must have deteriorated some due to the stress of her life. Just the shock of her son being murdered must have been enough to cause severe stress shock. My father always talked about his Mother's sick headaches and spells. I know her balance in her elder years was not good. She walked slow, with a gait that showed her constantly trying to balance. And since I have been diagnosed as having Meniere's Syndrome, I have been doing a lot of research into this inner ear disorder. They have now identified Menieres as a genetic auto immune disease, located on Chromosome 12 but have not yet identified the SNP it sits on (location on the chromosome).  I am convinced she too had Meniere's, as do several other of her descendants. And I have found other Meikle researchers who also have it. When her brother John died of apparent suicide, there apparently was a note he left referring to incurable health problems. What were they? I have not found that out. His death certificate does not mention secondary conditions.



Agnes Meikle Thompson

Memorial book from Olinger Chapel is in Mary Lee's possession. Pallbearers were Jim Thompson, Robert O. Sterett, Tom Thompson Jr., Clifford Martin, Jerry Thompson, Harold C. Thompson Jr. Services were officiated by Rev. J. Frank Moss and were at 2:00 P.M. March 6, 1959 at the Olinger Chapel.


Frederick Melvin Thompson - born March 15, 1899 at the Thompson home ranch in rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died - August 23, 1973 in rural Broomfield, Colorado on a visit from his home in the state of Washington.

Buried - August 1973 - in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married 1.) Marion Laurene Felgar on July 03, 1920 in Brighton, Adams County, Colorado (ended in death of Marion on July 19, 1925) 2.) Agatha Schilz on July 29, 1926 in Adams County, Colorado (ended in divorce on September 04, 1934 in Denver, Colorado) 3.) Hazel Williams in 1936 in Colorado (ended in divorce) and 4) Grace L. (unknown) sometime after 1971 I think.

See separate page.

William James Thompson - born on February 18, 1903 in Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado (presume at grandparents' Meikle home)

Died - August 19, 1920 at Thompson ranch in Adams County, Colorado

Buried - August 25, 1920 in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married Virginia Lenore Wood in April 1920 in Denver, Colorado

See separate page.

Harold Calvin Thompson (Sr) - born May 20, 1905 at Thompson Ranch in rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died September 23, 1971 in Jefferson County, Colorado (at a nursing home)

Buried September 27, 1971 in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married Doris Mae Wilson on September 16, 1926 in Denver, Colorado

See separate page.

Thomas Harvey Thompson - born December 28, 1907 at Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died - April 10, 1950 - Denver, Colorado

Buried - April 1950 at Crown Hill Cemetery

Married June Sterett.

See separate page.

Mary Agnes Thompson - born around 1909 at Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died at birth or stillborn.

Buried on Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

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