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Our Purchase line goes back to Oliver Purchase, born around 1552, in Dorcester, Dorset, England. From there, the line immigrated to Massachusetts, and then on to Connecticut, Maine and parts farther West.

This is what we have so far, and we are definitely open to suggestions, documented changes, additions, deletions. We will be adding individual pages for each person listed, and we will be more than happy to extend the information on here for the Purchase line.

Oliver Purchase - born 1552 in Dorcester, Dorset, England

Married Thomasine Harris on June 21, 1577 in Dorcester, Dorset, England

Died -

Buried -

Children of Oliver Purchase and Thomasine Harris:

Thomas, Joan (married Barnard Capen), Oliver (married Anne), Jane (married William Windsor), Aquila (married Anne Squire)and Sarah (married George Way). It is possible there was also a Samuel.

Thomas Purchase - born about 1577 in Dorcester, Dorset, England

Married 1) Mary Grove in 1631 and 2) Elizabeth Andrews on December 3, 1659. We believe there exists a good possibility that he was married another time, an earlier marriage than these two. Logic tells us this, and there is one child mentioned below who is attributed to being a child of Thomas, but born in 1627.

Died - May 11, 1678 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts at the age of 101

Buried May 1678 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Children of Thomas Purchase and Mary Grove:

Thomas and Elizabeth (married John Blaney)

Children of Thomas Purchase and Elizabeth Andrews:

Pressila (married William Wilson), Oliver (married Sarah Unknown and Mary Perkins) and Joan (married Oliver Elkins)

Possible child of Thomas Purchase and unknown first wife:

Sarah (married Gamaliel Phippen)

Thomas Purchase - born between 1640 and 1654 - Massachusetts (see separate page)

Married Elizabeth Williams on December 3, 1679 in Salem, Massachusetts

Died 1681 - while "at sea"

Child of Thomas Purchase and Elizabeth Williams:


Thomas Purchase - born January 29, 1680/81 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts

Married Hannah Cook in 1710 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. It is also possible that he was married once before this, as the first child Elizabeth listed below was born in 1708.

Died December 27, 1758 in West Springfield, Massachusetts

Children of Thomas Purchase and Hannah Cook:

Elizabeth, Jonathan (married Margaret Worthington), Thomas, John, Hannah, Mary (married Jonathn Worthington) and Lydia

Elizabeth Purchase - born 1708 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts

Married Thomas Rowe on December 26, 1728 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut

Died -

Buried -

Children of Elizabeth Purchase and Thomas Rowe:

Seth, Elisha, Zebulon, Elizabeth, Thomas, Sarah, Peter, Dorothy, Elijah, Thomas, Mary, Hannah and Lucy


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