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Born - about 1810 in New York.

Parents - Jesse Teague and his wife Peggy (we believe).

1820 U.S Census, Manlius, Onondaga County, NY

Married Phebe Foster Tague on November 17, 1836 in Washtenaw, Michigan. She was, we believe, the widow of William Teague who we believe was a brother of Thomas. William Tague died in Sharon Twp, Washtenaw County, Michigan on January 10, 1836. Her parents were Samuel Foster and Elce Dwelly. William and Phebe were still in Onondaga County New York in 1830:

1830 Manlius, Onondaga County, New York
page 387
TEAGUE, William


By 1842 they were in Racine County, Wisconsin where they both obtained land patents in 1843 and 1844. As you will see in the census below, we have found her in 1850, both in 1860, 1870 and 1880. We do not know where Thomas Tague was in 1850.

Phebe Foster had apparently been married to William Tague who died in Sharon, Washtenaw County, Michigan in January 1836. We believe that William Tague was a brother of Thomas Tague, although we have not proved that yet.


1830 Manlius, Onondaga County, New York
page 387
TEAGUE, William




Note: We believe that Jason Teague might be the father of William and Thomas, Jesse Tague. If so, then the young man in Jason's household may very well be Thomas.


1840 US Census, Lake County, Illinois
TEAGUE, Thomas
Males 0-1-1-1-0-1
Females 1-0-1-0-0-1

Note: We found this while researching another family name. Since Lake County is up in the northern part of Illinois near Wisconsin, we thought we would make a note of it. Always a possibility.


1842 Wheatland, Racine County, Wisconsin State Census
page 15
TAGUE, Thomas (Census shows two Heads of Household)
White males 5
White females 3
Total 8


1850 US Census

Space reserved for Thomas Tague when found


1850 District 11, Buchanan County, Iowa
Enumerated September 17, 1850
Household 45, Family 45 copy in file
SUTTON, Edward age 34 M Farmer Born New York
SUTTON, Elisabeth age 26 F Born New York
TAUG Phebe age 45 F Born New York
TAUG Henry age 23 M laborer Born New York
TAUG Sarana age 15 F Born Wisconsin
TAUG Francis age 9 M Born Wisconsin
SUTTON Alonzo age 8 M Born Illinois
SUTTON Lorenzo * age 5 M Born Illinois
SUTTON Delbert * age 5 M Born Illinois
SUTTON Malissa age 3 F Born Illinois
TAUG Cordelia age 3 F Born Illinois
TAUG Amitia age 1 F Born Illinois
* Written on census that Lorenzo and Delbert are twins.

Note: Elisabeth Sutton was Elsie Elisabeth, a daughter of William Tague and Phebe Foster.


1860 US Census, Floyd Co, Nebraska, St Charles Township, enumerated July 28, 1860, PO St Charles City p 407

Household 702,670 copy in file
TAGUE, Thomas - 40, M farmer 2000/300 NY; Parents born US;
Phebe Tague - age 50 - F, born NY
Francis Tague - age 19 - farmer born WI
Albert Tague - age 16 - farmer born WI
Maria Tague - age 14 - born WI

MITCHELL, Samuel 21 $00/75 - born PA
Mary 23 - born MI
Margaret 2/12 F - born IA

Note: Mary Mitchell was Mary Savanna Tague, daughter of Thomas Tague and Phebe Foster.


1870 US Census, Precinct One , Clarksville, Merrick County, Nebraska

Household No. 9, Family No. 9, page one -- copy in file
TAGUE, Thomas age 58 m w farmer $1000 1200.00 NY
Phebe age 66 f w keeping house NY
Milo age 26 m w farm laborer -0- 200.00 Ill


1880 US Census, Clarksville Pct, Merrick Co, NE

Household 70 family 75 Enumerated June 8, 1880 - copy in file
TAGUE, Thomas age 71 w m farmer NY parents b NY
Phoebe L. w f age 76 keeps house NY parents b NY
Frank w m 38 son single helps on farm b IL parents b NY
cannot read or write.

LAND RECORDS - BLM - Land Patents

All TAGUE entries for Wisconsin







TAGUE, Thomas 03/03/1843 Racine Co. 8214 SWSW 1/4 of S31 in Twp 2N of Range 19E in the Dist of Lands subj to sale at Milwaukee, WI Territory, containing 38 acres and 32/100 of an acre
TAGUE, Thomas 03/03/1843 Racine Co 8215 NWNW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of S6 in Twp 1N of Range 19E in the Dist of Lands subj to sale at Milwaukee, WI Territory containing 38 acres and 32/100 of an acre
TAGUE, Phebe 08/01/1844 Racine Co 9437 Lot number 1 being the E fractional 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of S2 in Twp 1N of Range 19E in the District of Lands subj to sale at Milwaukee, WI Territory, containing sixty four acres, one thirty hundredths of an acre
TAGUE, Thomas 07/01/1848 Dodge Co 25025 SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of S6 in Twp 9N of R 17E in the District of Lands subject to sale at Milwaukee, WI containing forty acres
TAGUE, Thomas 05/15/1857 Dodge Co 24237 NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of S12 in Twp 7N of R 1E in the District Lands subject to sale at Mineral Point Wisconsin containing forty acres
TAGUE, Bernard 09/01/1848 Lafayette 9467 NWNE of S14, Twp 1N, of R2E in the District Lands subject to sale containing forty acres


Page 1304 of "The History of Washtenaw County," publ in 1881, in the chapter on the history of Sharon Twp:
"The suicide of a settler named Tague, in 1835, was one of the first tragedies of the settlement." Sharon twp borders Jackson county. Perhaps your Tagues settled there, rather than Washtenaw Co.
1-15-2000 - from a lookup volunteer inMichigan

"An early newspaper index noted that it was an accidental gun death, Jan 10, 1836. So the thing about suicide may or may not be accurate."


From History of Buffalo County, Nebraska:
"Patrick Walsh bought out the right of a man named Thomas Tague who had squatted on the northwest quarter of Section 1 T9 R13 and it was on this land that Mr. Walsh filed a soldiers homestead claim."


From Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Merrick County
Produced by Connie Snyder
"The early settlement of Clark's and vicinity dates back to April 1, 1865, when C.B. Hartwell located three miles east of the present station and opened a ranch. It was on the old military road, and was called the Junction Ranch. Mr. Hartwell had resided at Elkhorn since 1862. The town was platted in the fall of 1866, and named in honor of S.H.H. Clark, Superintendent of the Union Pacific Railroad. John McLean settled during the same year, and in 1867, John F. McLean, his son, was born, the first natural increase to the population of Clark's. F. Coyle also came in 1866, and in 1868, A. Kerr and
Thomas Tague. In December 1866 John McLean and Mary E. Hartwell were united in marriage, this being the first ceremony of the kind which ever occurred in Clark's. The first death was that of Jennie Hartwell, in March, 1868. A post office was established at Clark's in 1869, A. Kerr being Postmaster. During this same year, he accidentally shot himself while on a visit to Central City. In September, 1871, Mary Walkey taught the first school in a sod shanty which had been erected on Mr. Hartwell's land. During the same year the first store was opened by L. B. McIntyre, on North Millard street. He lately removed to Maine..........."


An abstract of a letter written by a descendant of Cordelia Tague and Eldridge Campbell:

Cordelia Maria Tague was the daughter of Thomas Tague and his wife Phoebe.....This Cordelia married an Eldridge Campbell, and they lived in Merrick County, Nebraska. Our county records did not start until 1872 and we had only squatters out here, but wonder if this is not the same Thomas Tague that sold his rights to Patrick Walsh, and is not the father of the Horace Tague who married the Mrs. Olive Patterson as his second wife.
The Thomas Tague's and Eldridge Campbell's built sod houses on the Old Government trail 2 miles east of what is now Clark's Nebr.


Thomas TAGUE and Phebe TAGUE, both of Sharon, Washtenaw County, Michigan 17 Nov. 1836, by Lazarus Hull, J. P.

*Information sent by lookup volunteer in Michigan.


Elsie Elisabeth Tague - born March 31, 1825 in New York.

Died January 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Cowley County, Kansas

Buried Cambridge Cemetery,Cowley County, Kansas

Married Edward Sutton on June 25, 1842 in Racine County, Wisconsin

William Henry Tague - born 1827 in New York

Died - unknown

Married Mary Ann Cordelia Hubbard on March 24, 1853 in Buchanan County, Iowa

Horace Tague - born about 1833 in Auburn, Cayuga County, New York

Died - unknown

Married Olive M Wilson Patterson on November 13, 1897 in Shelton, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Savannah Tague - born about 1835 in Wisconsin

She is listed in the 1850 census above as Sarana age 15. More than likely she is the Mary S Tague listed below who would have been 13, not 15 in 1850 - therefore born about 1837 and a daughter of Thomas Tague, not William Tague.


Mary S. Tague - born 1837 in Michigan

Died - unknown (although some people say 1901)

Married - Samuel Mitchell on May 08, 1858 in St. Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa

See 1860 Census above.

Milo Francis Tague - born 1841 in either Illinois or Wisconsin

Died March 10, 1900 in Mitchell, Kansas (Source - Ancestral File AFN FL8l-4N - would need to be verified)

Apparently never married.

Albert Adelbert Tague - born April 06, 1844 in Wisconsin

Died June 18, 1906 in Clarksville, Merrick County, Nebraska

Buried Bureau Cemetery, Clarksville, Merrick County, Nebraska

Married Carrie Florence Bump before 1889 in Osmond, Kansas


Cordelia Marie Tague - born September 14, 1846 in Wisconsin

Died August 01, 1884 in Genoa, Nance County, Nebraska. Listed in the 1885 State of Nebraska Mortality Census. Her death is shown as suicide by poison:

1885 Genoa, Nance County, Nebraska State Census - Persons Died Year Ending May 31, 1885 line 2

Family 21 Campbell, C 38 F W Married Kept House lived three
years in County , born Wisconsin, father born NY, mother in NJ
died in August 1884 -- suicide by poison L. R. Clark, attending Physician
Inflacets (?) effects

Buried - unknown. However, it is possible she is buried with the Campbell family in Valley View Cemetery. See "Line 12. Two unknown persons in same grave." Did she lose a baby which brought on the suicide? Both could be buried here. If so, they were buried in the old Genoa cemetery and moved in the late 1880s when Valley View Cemetery was established.

Married Eldridge Campbell on August 11, 1868 in Marysville, Marshall County, Kansas

Amilia Tague - born about 1849 in Wisconsin

Died - unknown

Elizabeth J. Tague - born 1855 in Iowa

This child is listed on some of the Family Group Sheets of descendants of Thomas and Phebe Tague. She is not listed in the 1860 Census above.

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