Prior to working for the City of Douglas, Ken learned the carpet and tile installation trade from his father. Ken sustained an irreversible back injury while working as a mechanic for the City of Douglas. That injury opened the door for more debillitating diseases, forcing him onto Social Security Disability in the late 1980s. He kept busy with his hobbies, drafting, computers and taking what education classes he could.

Ken was always there to help me, whether it was with car repairs or house repairs. And after I too left Wyoming, he kept in touch quite often. Many times it would be to tell me of something new he had learned either in school or on his own. And when he knew I was down because of health such as surgery, his calls were frequent - just to check on me. I will always count him as one of my best friends.

He was one of two primary caregivers for his Mother who was my sister, even though his own health was poor. He would either take her shopping or do her shopping for her, pick up prescriptions and other items for her at the drug store. And in all her hospital stays in the last few years, afterwards Ken would stay with her at her home until she was better enough for him to go home. I would not attempt to recall the number of times I called him or his sister when my phone calls would not rouse her, regardless of time of day.

From the day she was born, Ken's daughter was the light of his life. Even though he had not been able to see her for some time prior to his death, there was not a day went by that he did not say a prayer for her safety and ask God to pass on to her his love.

Ken had a very deep abiding faith in our Lord. The poem on the inside of his Celebration of Life pamphlet was found in his billfold. And the poem I AM by Helen Mallicoat we found taped right above his computer monitor.


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