Clan MacTavish Official BadgeThe crest badge Clan MacTavish contains the crest and motto of the clan chief. The crest is blazoned a boar's head erased or langued proper. The motto is NON OBLITUS, which translates from Latin as "not forgetful" or "not forgotten" Frederick James 'FJ' Thompson
Frederick James 'FJ' Thompson
Celtic Knot depicting eternal lifeCeltic Knot depicting eternal life

FREDERICK JAMES THOMPSON  Thompson Wheat Field 1912-1913

Born March 13, 1875 in Washington County, Iowa

Parents - Thomas Thompson Sr. and Susan Harvey

Died February 7, 1942 in Denver, Colorado

Buried in Thompson Family Plot in Crown Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Colorado

View the Thompson Memorial Tombstone here

Married Agnes Templeton Meikle on June 21, 1897 in Broomfield, Boulder County, Colorado

The picture on right of this page is a computer enhanced copy* of a photograph taken in 1913 on the Thompson Home Ranch. It depicts in the lower right corner the wheat that the family grew for so many years.  FJ purchased the homestead from his parents in 1895, and together Agnes and he built this ranch to what it became.  Perpetual Copyright on Enhanced photograph by MaryLee Thompson-Saban 2000.

Copy of charcoal painting of Frederick J. and Agnes - 1897

Frederick was living with his mother and two older brothers in Sedalia Missouri in 1880,  and with his parents in 1885 in Arapahoe County (now Adams County) Colorado. Frederick was known as F. J. throughout his adult life. F. J. Thompson purchased the farm from his parents on September 25, 1895 for the amount of $2,500.00. To see a copy of the actual document, click here. F. J. was a successful farmer and built up the farm for the next 30 years.

When the Great Depression hit, two of their sons - Thomas Harvey and Harold (Sr) - turned full time to the farm and began the long struggle to put it back on its feet - which they did. They were both excellent farmers.

F. J. became a well known ag journalist in Northern Colorado during the early 1900's. I am in the process of trying to locate microfilms of the various publications he published in, so that perhaps I can put together a collection of his articles.


Frederick James Thompson

FJ and Agnes Thompson Family and Ranch Photo Album

A Collage of Photos in Memory of Agnes Templeton Meikle Thompson


1900 Adams County, Upper Clear Creek Prct
Household 64/67
THOMPSON, Fred Head W M Mar 1875 25 md 2y IA Eng Eng R W Sp Eng Own Free Farm #60

Agnes Wife W F Jul 1878 21 md 2y 1/1 Colo Sct Sct R W SpEng
Fred Son W M Mar 1899 1 Colo IA Colo
MEIKLE, Frank Bro in law W M May 1882 18 S Co Sct Sct Farm Laborer R W SpEng
ELLIOT, James Lodger W M Jan 1860 40 S Can Can Can 1880 na farm laborer R W SpEng
OGELVY, Tod Lodger W M May 1891 9 S Co Wisc Co at school

Note: I believe Tod Ogelvy is the foster child FJ and Agnes raised.

1910 Adams County, Big Dry Pct, Colorado
Enumumerated April 1910:
Household 110:
THOMPSON, Frederick J. Head M W 34 M 11 IA Eng. Eng farmer

Agnes T Wife F W 31 M 11 4/4 ch CO Sct Sct
Frederick M Son M W 11 CO IA CO
William J Son M W 7 CO IA CO
Harold C Son M W 4 CO IA CO
Thomas H Son M W 2 CO IA CO
MEIKLE Archibald Neph M W 9 CO Sct CO
Margareta M Niece F W 8 CO Sct CO
MICKAEL Daniel Bro in law M W 27 Sing CO Sct Sct farmer

Notes: Archibald and Margareta Meikle were the children of Archibald Meikle, brother of Agnes. See Archibald Meikle separate page for the rest of the story on this.

Is Daniel Mickael actually Frank Meikle? Frank would have turned 28 the month following this census.

1920 US Census, Adams County, Colorado

Fred J. Thompson Head/Owner/Free/Mort. Male White Age 45 IA Parents - Eng.
Agnes T. Wife Female White 40 CO Parents - Scot
Fred M Son Male White 20 CO Parents - CO
William J. Son Male White 16 CO Parents - CO
Harold C. Son Male White 14 CO Parents - CO
Thomas H. Son Male White 11 CO Parents - CO
Census indicated all could read and write, and that that the 3 younger boys
attended school.

1930 US CENSUS, Pct 13, Dist 15, Eastlake, Adams County, Colorado
ED 1-15 SD 4 Sheet 1-B
Enum 2 april 1930 by Pearl Williams

THOMPSON, Fred J Head Own -- -- radio M W 55 Md at 23 r/w IA ENG ENG farmer Sch #19
Agnes T wife F W 51 Md at 19 r/w CO SCT SCT
Thomas H son M W 22 S r/w CO IA CO farmer
LONG, Herman L laborer M W 23 S r/w TX TX TX laborer farm


Wedding Photo of F. J. and Agnes

File # 22345

Thompson, Frederick J.

Meikle, Agnes


Min - Myron W. Reed

Xerox copy of record in our files.


Excerpts from History of Westminster, Colorado 1911-1961

Pg 2 - "Some of the first dry land winter wheat on summer fallow ground in the United States was raised in 1901 by Fred J. Thompson. Settling in the area in 1882, Thompson began farming near the present Sunset Ridge Subdivision."

Pg 3 - "Some of the early residents, besides those mentioned were: ..... Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Thompson..."

Published by the Citizens Advisory Committee in 1961.

Read the History of Westminster

September 20, 1902 - article about Assault and Shooting of F. J. Thompson

August 27, 1920 - Article about the Murder of William James Thompson, son of F. J. and Agnes Thompson

Excerpt from Commerative Book, A New Westminster 1977-1986

Chapter 2, The Settlers

"Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thompson raised wheat on the land Melody Homes and the Hyland Hills Golf Course now occupy. Early residents also remember him for his violin playing, with which he enlivened early dances."

Photo of F. J. Thompson with his violin

Excerpt from "The History of Fred James Thompson"

Written by Harold C. Thompson Jr., his grandson

"In 1893 (note-1895) Fred bought out his father, Tom Thompson, (the) S. 1/2 Sec 8 2S 63W. In the 1900's he bought E 1/2 Sec 18, and traded the SW 1/4 of Sec 8, for a complete set of buildings, to be built on Sec. 18. There was a house, 3 barns etc. During the 1890's Fred raised some cattle and baled hay and straw, and then sold it to the Elephant House Livery Stables and several other places. In 1899 he summer fallowed his 1st ground and raised his 1st wheat crop, In 1900, in this manner. (This was the FIRST summer fallowing every done in Colorado. Fred had read about a Mr. Campbell, in Montana, who did the first summer fallowing in the United States. He also bought NW 1/4 Sec 20 2S 68W. He farmed with Belgian horses, most of his life, preferring horses to tractors. He bought a steam engine in the early 1900's, and in the followings years broke out much sod for himself and his neighbors."

Notes: Harold was relating this during the 1980's, and I am afraid some of his dates are wrong. However, it captures the essence of a lot that F.J. and Agnes did.


OBITUARY (Source Unknown)
Funeral services for Frederick James Thompson were held on February 11, 1942 at the Olinger Drawing Room, 16th and Boulder Streets, Denver, Colorado at 2:30 P.M. Officiating was Rev. George F. Sevier. Escorts were Lloyd McElwain, Mr. John F. Jones, Arthur Bruchez, William Eppinger, W.R. Williams, Art Dumphy.

FUNERAL NOTICE (Source unknown)
Frederick J. Thompson of Highlands Station, Husband of Agnes Thompson; father of Fred M., Harold C. and Thomas Harvey Thompson; brother of William Thompson; also survived by nine grandchildren. Services drawingroom, 16th at Boulder, Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. to Crown Hill.

OBITUARY (source unknown)
February 1942

Fred J. Thompson, 67, of Route 5, Highland Station, Denver, a pioneer resident of Adams County, died Saturday night at a Denver hospital after a prolonged illness.

He has lived on the ranch six miles north of Denver for 60 years. His survivors are his wife, Agnes T. Thompson, and three sons, Fred M., Harold C., and Thomas Harvey.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. at Olinger's mortuary, Sixteenth and Boulder St., in Denver. Interment will be at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Agnes Meikle Thompson

Memorial book from Olinger Chapel is in Mary Lee's possession. Pallbearers were Jim Thompson, Robert O. Sterett, Tom Thompson Jr., Clifford Martin, Jerry Thompson, Harold C. Thompson Jr. Services were officiated by Rev. J. Frank Moss and were at 2:00 P.M. March 6, 1959 at the Olinger Chapel.


Standard Certificate of Death

Bureau of Vital Statistics

1. Place of Death - County - Denver

City or Town - Denver

Name of hospital - St. Anthony Hospital

Length of stay - (blank)

2. Usual Residence of Deceased - Colorado

County - Jefferson

City of Town - Highland Station

Address - Rt 5 Box 138, Denver

3. Full name - Frederick James Thompson

20. Date of death-Feb 7, 1942;hour 9:45 pm
4. Sex - male 5. Color - white 6a. Married 21. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Oct 20, 1941 to Feb 7, 1942; that I last saw him alive on Feb 7, 1942 and that death occurred on the date and hour stated above

Immediate cause of death - Carcinoma of stomach - Duration of 5 mos

Major findings of autopsy - carcinoma of stomach.

6b. Name of wife - Agnes Thompson 23. Signature - Thos R. Thorn M.D.

- Address - Arvada, Colo

Date signed 2-9-1942

6c. Age of wife if alive ____ years (blank)
7. Birthdate of deceased - March 13, 1875
8. Age - 66 y 10 m 25 d
9. Birthplace - Iowa
10. Usual occupation - farmer
11. Industry/occupation - (blank)
12. Name of father- Thomas Thompson
13. Birthplace - England
14. Name of mother - Susan Harvey
15. Birthplace - England
16. Informant - T.H. Thompson

- address Westminster, Colorado

17. Burial - 2-11-1942 - Crown Hill Cemetery
18. Funeral Director - Olinger Mortuaries

- 2600-16th St., Denver, Colorado

19. 2-11-42 by Elseta C. Myers, Registrar


Frederick Melvin Thompson - born March 15, 1899 at the Thompson home ranch in rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died - August 23, 1973 in rural Broomfield, Colorado on a visit from his home in the state of Washington.

Buried - August 1973 - in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married 1.) Marion Laurene Felgar on July 03, 1920 in Brighton, Adams County, Colorado (ended in death of Marion on July 19, 1925) 2.) Agatha Schilz on July 29, 1926 in Adams County, Colorado (ended in divorce on September 04, 1934 in Denver, Colorado) 3.) Hazel Williams in 1936 in Colorado (ended in divorce) and 4) Grace L. (unknown) sometime after 1971 I think.

See separate page.

William James Thompson - born on February 18, 1903 in Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado (presume at grandparents' Meikle home)

Died - August 19, 1920 at Thompson ranch in Adams County, Colorado

Buried - August 25, 1920 in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married Virginia Lenore Wood in April 1920 in Denver, Colorado

See separate page.

Harold Calvin Thompson (Sr) - born May 20, 1905 at Thompson Ranch in rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died September 23, 1971 in Jefferson County, Colorado (at a nursing home)

Buried September 27, 1971 in Thompson Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery

Married Doris Mae Wilson on September 16, 1926 in Denver, Colorado

See separate page.

Thomas Harvey Thompson (Sr) - born December 28, 1907 at Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died - April 10, 1950 - Denver, Colorado

Buried - April 1950 at Crown Hill Cemetery

Married June Sterett.

See separate page.

Mary Agnes Thompson - born around 1909 at Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

Died at birth or stillborn.

Buried on Thompson Ranch, rural Arapahoe County (now Adams County), Colorado

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