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Jerry Lynn Thompson, CPOICS, US Navy
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USS Camden AOE 2, Comm 1967

USS Oriskany

USS Ranger

USS Coral Sea

Ship images and US Navy Emblem are public domain photographs from the US Navy, provided through the Naval History and Heritage Command


Born August 28, 1941 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado
Parents -
Thomas Harvey Thompson Sr. and June W Sterrett
Married - Jacqueline L Hull on April 12, 1968 in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington

  • Four children - Robert, James, Paula and Janet

Passed on October 6, 2010 in Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington

  • Buried at Sunset Lane Memorial Park, Port Orchard, Kitsap County, Washington

Photo provided by Janet Thompson-Gibson

Memorial Page at Find a Grave


Jerry had four loves in life -- God, Jackie and his children, the US Navy and his love of farming including John Deere tractors!  He never once forgot his roots, and he knew quite well how to serve his God, take care and preserve his family as it grew and expanded into grandchildren, his duty to the US Navy and the country he loved so much.  He worked in partnership first with his brother Tom in farming in Colorado, then with Tom's son Tom.  And he kept a working John Deere tractor at his home in Port Orchard.

He enlisted in the Navy at the age of 18 after graduating from North Denver High School in 1959.  He did leave the Navy for a short period after this enlistment, but found that his life was meant to be in the U.S. Navy.  The four ships shown above are the four ships he served on in his career.  The USS Camden was a fast response combat ship, and the other three were aircraft carriers.  He reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer, Interior Communications Specialist.  He always loved electronics of any kind.  After his retirement, he took a job at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard dismantling de-commissioned ships.

He joined the William H. Upton Naval and Military Masonic Lodge No. 206 in Bremerton.  For the rest of his life, he was active in the lodge, in the Shriners, Scottish Rites, York and Malta Commandery of the Masons.  He was also a sponsor and advisor to the Eastern Star and Jobs Daughters.

In 1985, he fulfilled one of his goals in life by graduating from Tacoma Community College.  He always stressed that one is never too old to advance their education.

Over the years, he kept in touch with my sister Norma and me.  I always looked forward to his visits and his calls.  They were always uplifting, encouraging calls.  And he and I reminisced  about the younger years when my Dad took both of us to the farm with him when he could.  Jerry lost his father at a young age, and my Dad who Jerry and Tom called 'Unc' tried his best to be there for all three of his brother's children.  It was nice, on a personal note, when I remembered something out at the farm, I could call Jerry and have him confirm it.  There have been so very few men I have known who could live up to my Dad's image and standards.  Jerry is number one on that list.

One story I would like to tell about Jerry and me.  It was Thanksgiving 1959.  Dad, Mom and I were temporarily living in Santa Barbara, California.  Jerry was finishing up his basic training at Long Beach I believe.  Uncle Fred lived in Venice, California.  Jerry got leave, and we all went to Uncle Fred's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  After dinner, Jerry and I walked down to the Venice boardwalk and beach.  It was still light.  He wanted to hear all about how my school was going, and I wanted to hear all about the Navy.  We really didn't notice that the fog had set in, a very heavy fog.  Then it got dark.  We had been talking and quite frankly weren't real sure just how to find Uncle Fred's house two blocks from the beach.  In 1959, the Venice boardwalk was already starting to be cluttered with hippies.  This bothered both of us.  We eventually found the right cross street and made it back just as my Dad was heading out to look for us.  'We thought you two were lost!  Thank God you are alright.'  Jerry looked at Dad and said, with that endearing grin of us, 'Unc, we weren't lost.  We knew exactly where we were at each step of the way!'  Yes, we did.  Just the world couldn't see us from outside the fog!

Rest in peace, Jer.  You worked hard, you did well, and deserve the rest.  Love you dearly.  I have asked Jerry's family if they would like to contribute a section for their memories.


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