1305 Delaware

Denver, Colorado

This home was owned by Thomas Thompson Jr. He and his wife Anna were living there in 1910, but apparently not in 1920 - though they still owned it. The parents of Thomas Thompson Jr. (Thomas Thompson Sr. and Susan Harvey) are listed in the 1920 U.S. Census as living at this address. Anna died February 17, 1919, and this home was listed in her estate. Her husband, Thomas Thompson Jr., was the sole heir to the home. Thomas Jr. died January 3, 1930, and in December 1929 he sold the house and all personal possessions to his two brothers - William J. Thompson and Frederick J. Thompson.

In March 2004, we traveled through Denver and took the photograph below of the house at 1305 Delaware. The entire block of original homes seems to be pretty much intact, although most if not all are now bail bond companies as is this house:

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