Clan MacTavishThe crest badge Clan MacTavish contains the crest and motto of the clan chief. The crest is blazoned a boar's head erased or langued proper. The motto is NON OBLITUS, which translates from Latin as "not forgetful" or "not forgotten" Thomas Thompson  abt 1905

Thomas Thompson abt 1905
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Born December 19, 1841 in St. Pauls Dist, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

Died - March 31, 1921 at 1280 Grant St., Denver, Colorado

Buried - April 4, 1921 Block 15, Lot 55, Space 23 Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Married Susan Harvey on July 9, 1865 in Northend, Fulham, Middlesex, England

There has probably been more research done in our family on this particular great grandfather than most any other individual. Thanks to John and Carolyn Hunter this past year, we now know a lot more of his family in England.

Thomas Thompson was the son of Frederick Thompson and Sarah Randall. Frederick was a master craftsman, first of umbrellas and then of trunks. He must have encouraged Thomas to learn a trade. Although we have not identified for sure when or where Thomas took his apprenticeship, by 1865 he was working as a confectioner when he married Susan Harvey. And in 1866 when their first child, Thomas, was born, he was working as a confectioner.

They immigrated to the U.S.A. around 1870 or 1871. We have not yet found their immigration/naturalization records. Family history says that Thomas worked as a chef for the Harvey Houses which was a restaurant chain established along the route of the Santa Fe Railroad. They were supposedly in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois when their son William J. Thompson was born, and in Washington County, Iowa when Frederick James was born. My father always said they lost a child on the ship coming over who is buried at sea. We may someday be able to verify that. However, the 1900 census below shows only three children born to Susan, with three living. Chicago was the Home Office of the Harvey Houses I believe. The Harvey Houses did not begin until 1876, however. And that was in Topeka, Kansas. Once we locate personnel records in the archives of the Fred Harvey Collection Archives, we can establish just when our Thomas worked and when. I have the address of the archives for the Harvey House Foundation, which by the way founded by a Frederick Harvey from England. I suspect that Frederick Harvey was a relation to Susan Harvey but have not proved it. What I hope to find at the Harvey House Archives is Thomas Thompson employment records and perhaps a genealogy of Frederick Harvey.

We have finally found Susan and their three sons in the 1880 census - they were living in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri. Thomas, however, was working as a cook in the Grand Capitol Hotel in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana. My brother wrote that they came to Colorado in 1882 when they homesteaded the Thompson Ranch in Arapahoe County (now Adams County), just north of Westminster, Colorado. That is where I found them in the 1885 census. The 1890 census for Colorado, as most of the nation's census, was lost later. We have them in 1900 and 1920. The Denver City Directory has them through 1920. In 1921, Susan is listed as a widow. And the 1921 Denver City Directory was the only one that listed deaths in the previous year. Thomas Thompson is listed as dying on March 31, 1921.

Dad always said that Thomas had worked as a chef until a boreweevil got into one of his ears and bore a hole in the eardrum, leaving him deaf in one ear. He could not hear the orders as they were called to him, and he had to quit cooking. There is much research to do yet on his life.

One other story that Dad always told about Thomas was that at one point he was cooking for the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. I have yet to find their company records. However, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps Dad had his wires crossed a little. When Thomas Jr. was born in 1866 in Lily Terrace, Warwich Row, Kensington, England, Thomas Sr. was a confectioner. That particular address on a early London area map is actually about one block from Buckingham Palace. I was recently sent the address to write at Buckingham Palace for a search of the palace records, not only of employees but independent business people who dealt with the palace which a confectioner might possibly have been.



Born at 1:00 p.m. December 19, 1841 on King St., Sub Dist St. Paul's Hammersmith, Middlesex, England to Frederick Thompson, umbrella maker and Sarah Randell. Registered January 6, 1842.

Scanned image of birth record


(found in Registration Distr of Kensington
July 9, 1865 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Northend, Fulham in the County of Middlesex
Thomas Thompson 22 Bachelor Confectioner
Susan Harvey 22 Spinster no occupation listed
both listed as living at 24 Cumberland Crescent
Thomas' father: Frederick Thompson, Trunk Maker
Susan's father: James Harvey, laborer
Thomas Thompson and Susan Harvey signed their own names
James Harvey signed his mark as a witness
Sarah Thompson signed her name as the other witness

Scanned image of Marriage Record



1880 U.S. Census, Sedalia, County of Pettis, Missouri
Page 249A, FHL Film 1254708 National Archives Film T9-0708

THOMPSON, Susan- Female Married White Keeps house Age 34 Born England

Thomas Son Male Single White In school Age 14 Born England
William Son Male Single White In school Age 8 Born Illinois
Frederick Son Male Single In school White Age 5 Born Iowa

1880 U.S. Census, South Bend, Indiana

KRILL, Henry C. Self Grand Capitol Hotel M M W 51 born Eng, parents born Eng

Laura - wife - F M W 45 MI MI MI

listed right after the Krill children (Allie, Fanny, Carra) and Frank Krill, brother, with two nephews (Frank and Milo), is


Other surnames listed at the hotel (all employees): Whipple, Armstrong, Lamson, Enzoff, Conley, Gilfory, Hathaway, Dolan, Alger, Garrett, Roski, Noak, Pettet, Newman, Hill, Whening


1885 State of Colorado Census, County of Arapahoe (taken June 1, 1885):Dwelling # 644 Family #658

THOMPSON, Thomas White Male Age 40 farmer England

Susan White Female Age 40 wife England
Thomas White Male Age 19 son England
William White Male Age 14 son Illinois
Fred White Male Age 9 son Iowa (note - discrepancy on age)


1900 U.S. CENSUS, Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado

1332 S. 13th St., Household 91, Family 53

THOMPSON, Susan Mother W F June 1843 56 Md 35 yrs 3 children, 3 living; born Eng; parents born England; imm. 1872 - naturalized, here for 25 years; could read/write

I believe this is an addition to the census as a "skip" or missed entry at time of writing. Note the address is the same as below.


1900 U.S. Census, Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado

1332 South 13th St. Household 91, Family 53

THOMPSON, Thomas Head W M May 1866 34 Md 5 y Born in England, parents born England; Immi 1870, here 30 yr naturalized; cook

Anna Wife W F Jan 1868 32 Md 5 y 0 children/ 0 children living Born in Denmark, parents born Denmark; Immi 1889, here 11 yr, naturalized

Tomas Father W M Dec 1843 56 Md 35 y; Born in England, parents born England; Immi 1871, here 29 yr, naturalized; no occupation listed



1910 US CENSUS, Precinct 3, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
Enum Dist 200, enum 20 April 1920
Page 152
Household 151/153
180 Osceola St.
THOMPSON, Thomas MW 66 Md 45 y Eng Eng Eng 1870 Gardner Owns o/a

Susan FW 65 Md 45 y Eng Eng Eng 1870 Gardner Owns o/a


1920 U.S. Census, Denver, County of Denver, Colorado

1305 Delaware, Household 60, Family 110

THOMPSON, Thomas Head W M 76 Md; Immi 1870 Nat 1876; could read/write; born Eng, speaks Eng; father born Eng, spoke Eng; mother born Eng, spoke Eng; no occupation

Susan Wife F W 76 Md; Immi 1870 Nat 1876; could read/write; born Eng, speaks Eng; father born Eng, spoke Eng; mother born Eng, spoke Eng; no occupation



April 2, 1921, page 14

THOMPSON - Thomas Thompson, age 77, at the residence 1280 Grant St., husband of Susan Thompson and father of William Thompson. Services will be held from the Olinger Chapel Monday, April 4 at 2:30 p.m. Interment at Crown Hill.

Note: the residence 1280 Grant St. was where son William Thompson and family lived in the 1920 census and probably still did.


Block 15, Lot 55, Space 23 - in a row of single graves, Interment Number 9245.

Arrangements were made by William Thompson. Cause of death listed by Olingers was Cirrhosis of Liver. However, his official death certificate below says Carcinoma of liver. No autopsy performed.

Thomas Thompson Sr is buried in a nearby grave at Crown Hill, along with Thomas Jr.'s wife Anna. Click here to view. NEW

Copy of list of graves in his Block - click here.


Bureau of Vital Statistics

(Note: original number on copy is not readable except for last number - 5)

1. Place of Death - Denver

2. Full Name - Thomas Thompson

(a) Residence No - 1280 Grant St.

Length of residence in city or town where death occurred - 41 yrs

How long in U.S. if foreign birth - 61 yrs

3. Sex - Male

4. Color or Race - White

5. Married

5a. Wife's name - Susan

6. Date - 12-19-1843 *

7. Age - 77

8. Occupation - Cook

9. Birthplace - London, England

10. Name of Father - Unknown

11. Birthplace of Father - England

12. Maiden Name of Mother - Susan Harvey **

13. Birthplace of Mother - England

14. Informant - William Thompson, 1280 Grant St.

15. Filed 4-2-21 F. M. Leach, Registrar

16. Date of Death - March 31, 1921

17. I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from March 11, 1921 to March 29, 1921, that I last saw him alive on March 29, 1921 and that death occurred on March 31 at 1:17 p.m. The CAUSE OF DEATH was as follows:

Carcinoma of the liver

Duration - 2 years

18. Where was disease contracted if not at place of death? Left blank

Did an operation precede death? No

Was there an autopsy? No.

What test confirmed diagnosis? Left blank.

Signed: David Wismark, M.D., 100 Broadway

19. Place of burial, cremation or removal - Crown Hill

Date of burial: 4-4-1921

20. Undertaker - Olinger, 2600 16th St., Denver


* - We have the birth document from England, and it says December 19, 1841

** - Obviously, the informant (William Thompson) gave "his" mother's name of Susan Harvey rather than Thomas' mother's name.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA # 29-057659 Local # 12219


Standard Certificate of Death

Place of Death - Dist No. 190 County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles

No. 2652 Orchard St.


Sex - female / Color - Cauc/ Widowed

Name of Husband - Thomas Thompson

Date of Birth - June 21, 1844 Age 85 y 4 m 24 d

Occupation - at home

Birthplace - England

Name of Father - Harvey/ Birthplace of Father - England

Maiden name of Mother - Wilson/Birthplace of Mother - England

Length of Residence at place of Death 1 y 6 m/ in Calif - 1 y 6 m

Date of Death - November 15, 1929

Physicians Certification: I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Nov 1, 1929 to Nov 15, 1929; that I last saw her alive on Nov 1 1929 and that death occurred on the date stated above at 4:00 p.m.. The Cause of Death was as follows: Respiratory Failure, contributory - old age. No operation, no autopsy. Based on clinical diagnosis. Signed by Nelson Wyonny?? 11-16-1929, Walnut Park, California

Informant - Wm Thompson, 2652 Orchard St.

Place of Burial Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver on Nov 18, 1929

Undertaker - Roy Klinker, Huntington Park, California License #1240

Registered Nov 18, 1929 by George Parrish, M.D. by F. W. Peterson,



Thomas Thompson - born May 05, 1866 in Potters Bar, South Mimms, Middlesex County, England (residence of parents was Lily Terrace, Warwich Row, Kensington - Potters Bar was where his maternal grandparents lived)

Died January 03, 1930 in Denver, Colorado

Buried in Block 14, Lot 313, Section 7, Crown Hill Cemetary, Denver, Colo with his mother, Susan Harvey Thompson

Married Anna Isaac on February 02, 1898 in Denver, Colorado

Anna was born in May 1868 and died on February 17, 1920 in Denver, Colorado. I have her estate papers. They show her husband Thomas her sole heir. They apparently did not have any children, or they had some who did not live. I have not located where Anna is buried.

Photos of Thomas and Anna Thompson

See separate page.

William J. Thompson - born September 18, 1872 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

Died July 18, 1957 in Denver, Colorado

Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

Married Vivian R. Thompson (also known as Allou W. Thompson). We do not know the date, but believe they might have been married in Akron, Washington County, Colorado.

See separate page.

Frederick James Thompson - born March 13, 1875 in Washington County, Iowa

Died February 07, 1942 in Denver, Colorado

Buried in the Thompson Family Plot in Crown Hill Cemetery

Married Agnes Templeton Meikle on June 21, 1897 in Broomfield, Boulder County, Colorado at the home of Mary Meikle Wright, sister of Agnes' father.

See separate page.

Male Infant Thompson - born on ship between England and the USA around 1870. Has not been confirmed.


Thomas and Susan Thompson with F. J.'s children

Thomas, Susan and William Thompson with granddaughter Vivyan

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