Celtic Eternal Life



A life cut short in his prime

A match with death before his time

An agonizing blow by ill or foe?

Of that we will never know.

An dark sinister cloud hung o'er and around

The answers to all were never found

We must have faith that God will bless the souls of everyone and all

He will heal the wounds and ills, and He will ensure a foe the final fall

10/01 by MaryLee Thompson

Six months 1903

In christianing dress, 1903

Late 1905

Summer 1908

Late 1909

Guessing around 1914

These two photos were extracted from the Columbian School Graduation Photo of June 1918


Last known picture of Willie (with Virginia), guessing Summer of 1920 - perhaps the car they were planning to motor to California in.

Pictures of Virginia, no dates.


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