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Born February 20, 1805 in St. Martins, Middlesex, England

Little Chapel Street Soho, Independent, Westminster, London, England. Film #0825321.

February 28, 1806

Frederick Thompson, son of John Thompson of the Parish of St. Martin's in the Fields, and Martha, was born February 20, 1805 and baptized this Day, by me. Thos. Stolling?

Note: The date difference of 1805 and 1806 is not a transcription error. He apparently was born in 1805 and christened in 1806. The handwriting is very clear, and the christening recorded is recorded properly as Feb 28, 1806. and the birth year of 1805 is very clearly written.

Parents - John Thompson and Martha Lauga who were married 11 January 1802 in St. Martin's in the Field, Westminster, London, England. Note: There are very, very few Lauga surname entries in the English records. The originates in southern France in the Northern Basque Region. The Southern Basque Region sits in northern Spain.

Married - 1) Mary Ann Sharpe on April 14, 1832 in St. James, Westminster, London, England and 2) Sarah Randall before 1841.

Died - December 7, 1874 in Kensington Town, Kensington District, County of Middlesex, England

Certified copy of an Entry of Death, PAS 699875, DYA 361371, Sub-district of Kensington Town, Kensington District, County of Middlesex, England.


Seventh December 1874, 3 Abingdon Road

Frederick John Thompson


69 Years

Trunk Maker

Phthisis, several years, certified

A. Thompson present at the death, 3 Abingdon Road

Registered Eleventh December 1874

C.R. Barius, Registerr

Certified copy dated 9th June 2004


1841 St. Pauls District, Hammersmith, Middlesex County, Eng

King Street

THOMPSON, Frederick 35 Umbrella Maker Born in Mdlsx

Sarah 20 (no occupation listed) Born in Mdlsx

Frederick 7 Born in Mdlsx

Sarah 2 Born in Mdlsx


1851 St. Barnabas, Kensington Parish, Middlesex County, Eng.

Earls St.

THOMPSON, Frederick Head Md 46 Master Trunk Maker, born in St. Martins

Sarah - Wife Md 31 (no occupation) born in Suffolk

Sarah - Dau -- 12 Scholar Born Hammersmith, Mdlsx

Thomas - Son -- 10 Scholar Born Hammersmith, Mdlsx

William - Son -- 3 -- Born Hammersmith


1861 St. Pauls, Hammersmith, Middlesex County, Eng

Bridge (?) Road

THOMPSON, Frederick Head Md 56 Trunk Maker Born in Hammersmith, Mdlsx

Sarah - Wife - Md - 40 - born in Hammersmith, Mdlsx

Sarah - Dau - 8 - Scholar - born in Hammersmith, Mdlsx

William - son - 12 - Scholar - born in Hammersmith, Mdlsx

Alfred - son - 2 - Scholar - born in Hammersmith, Mdlsx


1871 CENSUS, Fulham, Chelsea, England
Household 28 page 4
THOMPSON, Frederick Head? Md 66 Trunk Maker Middlesex, Hammersmith, England

Sarah Wife Md 52 Trunk Maker Middlesex, Hammersmith, England

Sarah Dau S 17 Trunk Maker Middlesex, Hammersmith, England

Alfred Son S 12 Trunk Maker Middlesex, Hammersmith, England


1841 - Umbrella Maker on census

1841 - Umbrella Maker on Thomas Sr's Birth Record

1851 - Master Trunk Maker on census

1861 - Trunk Maker on census

1865 - Trunk Maker on Thomas Sr.'s Marriage Record

1871 - Trunk Maker on census

1874 - Trunk Maker on death record




Born December 19, 1841 in St. Paul's District, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

See separate page

Born about 1848 in Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

Born about 1852 in Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

Born about 1858 in Hammersmith, Middlesex, England


Where was Thomas Sr. in the 1861 census? We suspect he was out on his apprenticeship. Our cousin found a Thomas, age 18, living with the John Thompson household in Potters' Bar in 1861 and working as a domestic. Would a confectioner apprentice be considered a domestic? There is an age difference of one year, as ours would have been 19 in April 1861. This would explain, however, how Thomas met Susan, as that Thompson family was right down the road from the Harvey family. According to that 1861 Potters Bar Census, that Thomas was born in Cheshire. We know our Thomas was born in Hammersmith, Middlesex. However, one of the more common mistakes is on birthplaces. Will post more as we get it.

We will continue to post our finds and notes on this page. Most of the discovery progress in this line has been made by John and Carolyn Thompson. A big thanks to them!

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