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1874-1924 Volume 1

By Alfred James Mokler, Grand Historian

Published by order of The Grand Lodge of A., F and A.M. of Wyoming

August 28, 1924

We have no intention of copying each and every page in the book. It is wonderful reading however. What we will present here are the historical facts listed in the book, along with photographs.

THE DOCTRINES of Masonry are the most beautiful that is is possible to imagine. They breathe the simplicity of the earliest ages animated by the love of a martyred God. That word which the Puritans translated CHARITY, but which is really LOVE, is the key-stone which supports the entire edifice of this mystic science. Love one another, teach one another, help one another. That is all our doctrine, all our science, all our law. We have no narrowminded prejudices; we do not debar from our society this sect or that sect; it is sufficient for us that a man worships God, no matter under what name or in what manner. Ah! rail against us, bigoted and ignorant men, if you will. Those who listen to the truths which Masonry inculcates can readily forgive you. It is impossible to be a good Mason without being a good man.

--Winwood Reade

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