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These photographs appeared in the March 1880 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine Vol 60 No. 358. These are accompanied by an article written by a Lt. H.R. Lemly, U.S.A. who spent some time with the Arapahoe people. We are in the process of transcribing that article for publication with these photographs, entitled Among the Arrapahoes.  All scanned images are under perpetual copyright 2002.

"Black Coal is chief. He is remarkably intelligent."

"Sharp Nose is Black Coal's lieutenant, or head soldier, and the finest scout I have encountered on the plains."

"His son (Sharp Nose's son), an intelligent and active little fellow of eight summers, frequently accompanies him (his father) upon less hostile expeditions.)

"Prominent among my Arrapaho friends is Washington, so called at the agency because of a three-cornered hat he wears, the similarity of which to that of the Continental period has dignified the wearer into a real or fancied resembalnce to the "Father of his Country." He is a "medicine man," happily unfettered by allopathic or homeopathic schools."

"Friday is an Arrapaho Indian. Lost when eleven years old, he was found by a party of returning emigrants, taken to St. Louis, and there educated. At twenty-one he returned to his people, over whom, by his unusual attainments and civilization, he soon exercised great influence."

"She's a puller."

"A puller?" -- inquiringly.

"Yes, a puller."

I ride on in silence, not wishing to betray undue curiousity; but presently I ask, "Friday, what is a puller?"

"A squaw that pulls hair."

"Feather Head, whose features are here reproduced, is a typical Arrapaho girl; and when riding astride of her pony, her jet-black hair falling loosely upon the red blanket that envelops her, she is a picturesque and interesting object."

An Arapahoe village

Jerked Meat

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