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Between the point in Nebraska where the overland trails crossed the North Platte River and South Pass in Wyoming, several landmarks developed where travelers left their marks on the natural stones. Most were in Wyoming. Between the early 1820's and the latter 1860's, civilians and soldiers alike took the time to record on these rock formations their part of history.

We hope to gather both websites and books available to read about these landmarks. So be sure to check back every so often.

Oregon Trail Website - http://www.nps.gov/oreg/index.htm

OCTA - Oregon-California Trails Associationhttp://octa-trails.org/


Chimney Rock

Scott's Bluff


Red Butte

Rock Avenue

Prospect Hill

Independence Rock

  • Independence Rock Historic Site - official State of Wyoming Historical website

  • http://independence-rock.org/history.htm - has a list of names from Ellison's research in 1930

  • Independence Rock, The Register of the Desert by Elizabeth Gibson.
  • In Tar and Paint and Stone" by Levida Hileman. The Inscriptions at Independence Rock and Devil's Gate. This is one of the best works we have seen. It is well researched and incorporates much of the early research into the names as well. Well worth the time to read and study the book.

Devil's Gate

Split Rock

Oregon Buttes


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